October 25, 2011

Capitalist Terror

Accumulate wealth without limits is one of the main motivations of capitalism and a capitalist. For a capitalist, accumulation and accumulation of wealth is the ultimate goal, thus showing a tendency toward concentration of capital in the hands of people whose number the longer the less, it is shown to occur in America, only 1 percent are rich. In this accumulation process, the proletariat will grow, because the number of small shop owners, farmers and small entrepreneurs will die the longer compete with the big capitalists, so they will get into the proletariat, and this is what is happening in various parts of the world. In such conditions, the nature of exploitation and selfishness is required, while equity is something that is sins.

economic condition. Economic system that is grounded in the school of liberal-capitalistic economy, in truth has placed humans in a particular economic structure, namely the emergence of class divisions: the poor and the rich. The crisis has been the expense of the poor, because the state budget for the welfare sacrificed to save the big corporations. Policies to tighten the budget after budget healthy corporation, have resulted in reduced funding to facilities and subsidies for people who can not afford.

social conditions, namely the right of the welfare of the residents who are not capable of being exploited for the benefit of the all-out financier, plus the fact that the Government turned out to include with the financier. Such social conditions increasingly tortured and made people frustrated. People feel deprived of their rights in the interests of certain parties. While the government has been a beacon of hope for the poor increasingly distance themselves. The government even just deceiving fate and life of the people with a more pro-capitalist policies.

Both Social and economic factors have forced the birth of a new reality, namely the rejection of arbitrariness capitalists. In addition, the condition is a true "power pushers" are strong and can affect public awareness of economic inequality that occurred, and eventually gave birth to a collective movement.