June 21, 2011


What's the difference corruptor with terrorists?Usually criminals live happy (rich) while the terrorists simple life, idealists, holding the principle, in fact likely to be poor. But, more strinking difference exist on the impact and dangers. Although both are equally dangerous, but a greater danger than terrorist corruptor because it inhibits development and impoverish people. Despite the fact that corruption is more dangerous to society, nation and state, but the punishment for the perpetrators of corruption so light. In Islamic law the punishment of cutting off hands of thieves alone, whereas the value of the stolen goods might be little less than Rp1 million. So that the punishment for the corrupt stolen million dollars of public money should be much heavier, in which the death penalty is meted out to the corrupt fit. And  if the death penalty is applied strictly, the corrupt must be terrified, so the affective jeranya create fear corrupt officials during the acquisition of office ria and mandate as government officials at central, provincial and district towns. It seem the punishment for the perpetrators of corruption has been only half-hearted. It can be seen from difficulty catching the perpetrator, unless the evidence is incomplete or gallant Corruption Eradication Comission (KPK) by tapping recordings. The process is complicated, and the punishment is vey low. And that makes people sad. When captured, processed and after the verdict they can be preferential treatment. Still laughing, smartly dressed, can facilities, etc. So that remission can not already feel to return to society by staying wealthy from corruption. With such a low penalty must have been difficult to eradicate the rats of corruption, especially in the field clearly visible how the corrupt and corrupt family can still enjoy their wealth. So how might create a deterrent effect if the new efforts to combat corruption mere show and playful, just lips service or only half-hearted. No wonder that this nation is failing and will get worse in the future if it is not related reforms that mild punishment for the perpetrators of corruption. Indonesia should follow the legal process in China or other country applying severe penalties, such penalty by firing squad, hanging againts the perpetrators of corruption law without favoritism. In china, the commitment that comes from leadership so that the highs are 3000 criminals sentenced to death(by weight) visit by other officials and citizens. If China has now become a development nation, Indonesia can be more advenced than China if it dared  to imposed a death sentence for corruption.


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