January 28, 2012

God-Man-and Environmet

Notice about the environmental crisi means learnng the ins and outs of balance between the rule of God-human and nature. Such a civilization would occur a crisis environment when there's no balance between rights and obligations of God-human-and nature. History of civilizations of the world actually have given the fact that since the time of environmental crisis prophet civilizations never happened. Where the God-Man, and Nature related closely to the creation of a civilization. As evidence, that the history of Noah Prophet a narrative of how the actual controlled environment capapble of destroying any God or destroy a large human civilization that is created only by the flood.

In order for the environment crisis is nit the case, should be third elemnet of the relationship God synergize human beings-and nature. Keep in mind that God was the one who actually created the then set o the system of life. The environmnet crisis that is destroying any civilization in the world is inseparable from the "culture of forgetting" man against the magnitude of the influence of the natural regulator. Humans seems to feel great to be a wide range of works that they have made, but then "forgot" it turns out that the existence of the rights and obligations to be met in the balance. In this day and age just meet the right man, then later forgot will be mandatory.

There are two steps that must be met for the keep balance environment to engage the third element. The first step, and horizontally humans interact with fellow living beings and environment (nature). In this area, and at the same time maintaining a human exploit as well as preserving the environment so that it will be created a development or sustainable civilization. According to the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), development or sustainable development or civilisation is to meet the needs of developments in the present, without compromising the fulfilment of the needs of future generations. One of the challenges to be faced in order to achieve sustainable development is how to repair the damage to the environment without sacrificing the interests of economic and social justice. The challenge of sustainable development and other civilizations is determining how to improve the welfare of all at once using natural resource wisely, so that natural resources that can be update can be protected and use of natural resources can be exhausted (not renewable) at the level where the needs of future generations remains to be fulfilled. There fore, in the development and sustainable civilization known the existence of three main pillars are interrelated with each other, i.e. economic, social, and environment.

Man must believe in order that favors at once and the result of his work that is fully owned by The Natural Kingdom that the Lord Ruler. Human beings can enjoy but favors it at some point will return to God Almighty for the favor of the continuation of human civilization carries out the obligations of God's rule. Thus, the Lord will care for human beings to end the crisis environment. Remember! Environmental crises destroy civilization bfore the result of a "culture of forgetting" man against the rule of God


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