July 10, 2012


Why people get so difficult telling the truth? Bullshit! Maybe that is the most familiar our ears today. This claim was reasonable. Every day we heard the news and saw on television they are spoke liar. They are accused a liar is supposed to be example for honesty. They are the figure in the rebuplic or our country.

Honestly is very rare in this country even in the world, a little man would be speak the truth, Then, the question is why people get so difficult telling the truth? Or, Otherwise, why people get so easily lie, even in the spotlight millions of help? Did they feel that God incredible stupid to see and hear them.

Pragmatic reason not to say straight or lying seems too simple too lightly to weigh the consequences from a lie. Apparently, pragmatic reason too simple. Surely there is another reason. That possible is moral behaviour.

Overrides candour to cause, keeping save other persons or groups or maintain self-esteem, among others, push us lie. Consequently, honestly was tight. This phenomenon has invaded almost all levels of society, ranging from politicians, the educated, until jurist who confesses himself.

May 15, 2012


Poverty anywhere always being early the appearance of various problems in order our nation and state .Those who level happiness out of standards be easy just done various lop-sided , though by being prosperous also no guarantee for far from potential damage do. Reality , fire a rebellion and warfare that run in various parts of the world is caused by a factor of poverty because of injustice the government .Then penury was a failure of countries in the welfare of the people .Moreover , indonesia was a country that is known the world as the rich country will result of nature .The region which produces the natural result of superabundant but it turns out his people far from proved the failure of the welfare state in implementing its role .

Poverty is also a threat to peace and integrity a country .So many countries has been a great be split by failure a country felicitate its people .Poverty was also close to criminal acts , anything be done to meet the needs and demands of the times .

Every man and a country not want to live in a vicious cycle of poverty , but still , poverty it will grow luxuriantly if human beings it is not trying to get out of poverty .An abundant natural given by god the almighty , if in good and in the right man or the country to be prosperous.

Above sky heaven's

Above the heavens there is still the sky. That's a saying perennial we often hear. You were rich, someone must be richer than you. You gloating, is there something more successful of you. This world walk like that. Like a fingers, we this was in position the middle finger. At this right hand there are two fingers lower and large. In left there finger the lower and small. It means that life is always be among them greater in everything. However, on the other hand there are those who lower and small in many ways, Fairs right?

Realized this of lacking wise if there is still he who dishonors to another and shoot out the lip contemn the poorer. Nature's law perennial absence. Will wheel is turning. Which under can move up, who above would fell down. Conceit is the first and principal herb prolapsus it. Meanwhile, if everyone aware of his post less fortunate to fix itself, not add enviously and spiteful on the person who will have more successful life (growing from the darkness into light). Human like it was aware that the wheel of never stops spinning. That under a will to the top, and on the potential rolling down.

Hence, realized limitation self that there's more aftershock from guy. Are still higher from high. Are richer that rich. Are smarter that intelligent, will make lived a humble and that is your capital to add mutual relation and interesting more money and abundant.

April 25, 2012

Time Bom

Everytime to hurt others, behold, we've been keeping a time bomb to the same event to patient heartache different. We're not perpetrated again, but be the object. Therefore, should we keep the time bombs that? Life is a choice. Felicitate others or contrarily hurt him is a choice. Everything is in the hand of our own.

Any act that done be get back in the future. It's about time. Not to happy to egois sated just because have heart injure others with an inhuman manner. Glad that is only temporary its nature. Core wound embedded in the cavity in the bosom of hurt that, will stimulate their mind to do the same thing, if wisdom not adorn their life. While the problem. Time bomb kept in himself with explosive power a much larger and fatal.

Realize how awesome a result of a time bomb grown before. The best solution was not created it. Every problem there must be a solution along aspaciousness chest and attenuating ego be the source. If it passed, time bombs that would never was present there among life anyone. Thus will not there is also worries and fearful about explosion of a bomb that time. All shal walk relief, roomy, quite and comfortable.

There's an interesting story that is exemplified by former south africa's president very legendary Nelson Mandela. He was jailed for about 18 years by his adversaries who holds the mighty scepter of national power of the day. without consideration is clear, rough and origin, a verdict was dropped by the force absolute dictator. Nobody would dare to argue, once only corrected. Everything is going according to plan.

The figure was black crough during the inmates who have been decide. Finished serving a black state of the idol is running for president and win! The power was maladministration now in his hand. He could do many things, including immure people formerly to put to ring jail it. A bomb that time is now ready blow up! However, with his wisdom extraordinary, bid jenderal armed gave you permission to him to capture the enemy his political immure and it is been refused. He did not want to make a time bomb new. He realized that disdain which recompensed with hatred will never ends. He will continue to spin like a vicious circle that is not clearly when would lead. Bomb that time to be stopped. Well, stayed? Wisdom and sweep heart used as the engine of first and principal to do that. Not suprised, to this day, in when he was already beyond 70 years. the legendary Nelson Mandela, fixed flatter as tub gods unhooked Africa. He settle down, without any aught in worries about hurt or terminated his life by anyone because time bomb it never he created since out of prison.

Story classic story about Mandela actually really deserves be mirror for life calm and happy into the first place in the old days. There was nothing to stored. if there is trouble, finish it in this life to not sustained in life later.

April 01, 2012


Often showcase workmen protest demanding justice for their profession, whether addressed to the authorities (policy makers) and to entrepreneurs (providrs of work) shows that workers still feel the problems are serious and if left will deteriorate. This fact gives an indication that their well-being is yet to match what they expect. The workers fought hard to get their right with great sacrifice not even the few who have been victimized. But on the other hand the authorities and employers are impressed with each or "maintaining" to each other. The authorities did not put up the body for the sake of the shy entrepneur as it happens in almost all industrial conflict in the country.

In addition the determination of Minimum Wage Work (UMK) which is so difficult to favor labour also become reality less favour the ruler to the workers that has always been a source of conflict and demands or workers every year. Throughout the history of the industry in the world especially in Indonesia protest labor always unavoidable and often become swept up in downside is the labor itself. Arbitrarinesss entrepreneurs has always been a bitter pil that often get swallowed up by the workers. Surefire both community need each other (employers and workers) have always been leery of each other and engage in disharmony.

If the attitude of mutual serving held in high esteem and respect in the world of manpower and at least three will generate positive impact; 
1. Erase it discrimination against the emblem of a notch wilfully displayed for raising and lowering prestige of        
    other people.
2. Increase the participation all workers espeially in decision making and division profit
3. Each side will be focused on cooperation.

March 26, 2012


Happy words full of meaning. Untill recently there has not been a suitable sentence to describe a sense happy. There is saying happy was not in the world, the existence in heaven. There's also said it was happy to be had when many can treasure (rich). Happy that pops up when what is desired is achieved. Happy it was difficult, because of the concerns expressed in the liver. Can feel your heart is  the owner of the heart itself. People can just say that he is happy, but he's not necessarily happy. various kinds of expressions appear so we want to find the meaning of happy. Personally i can pull the red thread of the many opinions about happy. Happy according to me is peace. When we feel calm that's when we feel the happiness. When it is not quit, that means unhappy, please feel free to disagree with my opinion.

About happy, only our own idea. Happiness is not coming from the sky but we create it yourself. Strive to always be happy, fun way yourself, your family and others. Any profession must contain risk. Now we are raring to go, depending. A law of nature, when we do well, others will also do good to us. When people feel glad, we had nothing to load, that's  the happiness

March 21, 2012

Politics World

In Politics there is no true friend and foe, which is enduring interest. When their interest are the same, they' re friend but their interest are different they are opposite. If you say so, then the political world is a barren world, far from the values of religion. The above statement and perception is often heard. In fact, it's concern again is when such views are embraced by many politicians. So, it can be imagined how much danger the future primaries, because people of the thought that in politics the dirty is concidered common and behave legitimately. it could be an honest person, in fact concidered strange, politicking innocent, plebeian, dumd and outdated.

What is so there? if yes, it will be awfully life in world politics. No more morals and mental attitude to the role of religion in it? All ways permitted to achieve goals and powers. Fraud, pretence, dishonesty, and dirty like a ploy by intimidation, manipulation, bribes, fraudulent acts and the like are concidered commonplace things. This is called that politics was subterfuge.

In fact this view were derived fom secular leftism is attempting to separate between the political morals was written with. Religious left even not used again in after them. The values and teachings of religion does not exist in political arena. The political sphere is the life of an entirely secular, whereas religion is the spiritual affairs of the hereafter, and sin. There is no political reward and his dealings with sin, heaven or hell, even there is no relationship with the good and bad. Politics is a multi-sport competition free value completely worldly affairs, viewed simply as a power struggle is not arena attributable to religious morals

March 12, 2012

Process for Better Personal

Human life in this world is like a vesse; that will sail definitely need direction. But not always equally important is knowing the correct position when in the sea off. Due to some confusion to make ships get lost and lose direction. There are many events where we have tol learn and familiarize self introspection. Reflect to find out shortcomings and weaknessses so as to develop themselves personally get better again. Introspection is indispensable because the process is not always constant running. Similiar experience doest not always give the same results. There are always limitations and differences in point of view. Each issue has it's own critical point.

Through introspection we will be able to find the meaning of any of the purposes that we have and will increasingly be sure, whether the goals we've set previously had directed or not. Because we often see other people's mistakes, even criticized the mistakes made by others. Every human being has also been made a mistake, through introspection yourself we can comprehend the shortcomings and advantages we have.

It feels more comfortable commenting on people. Many commentators or not to mention the many caregivers who respond to about other people, without knowing that people are commenting on other people, he is not necessarily better than the person who commented upon.

Self introspection in also needs to look deep in yourself, ask directly to yourself, whether you've managed to accomplish what you want, whether your goals are fulfilled, whether you're already in the right track. With introspection themselves, we could know if we've done something, make changes that better, aware of our actions have been appropriate.

With introspection themselves, you can evaluate, words, your dreams, your attitudes, your actions and your thoughts toward a better, and these things have the power to create better conditions in your life. What do you say, think and do. That's what you get in your life.

Don't ever hesitate to examine yoursellf, because you do need it. With introspection yourselves, you like standing on top of a mirror, see the state yourself, and try to be honest while you do yourself introspection, so you get a real picture of yourself.

Process towards better personal. Introspection does not mean being judgmental or blame yourself. But the shape of the greatness of heart to improve and develope ourselves. Difficult people do tend to be childish self introspection. Due to the maturity born of openness to evaluate and develop yourself.

Introspection is a look into yourself. At the time see yourself here we should be honest to generate proper intospection. And after that star a new life, to fix the error. Then, thinking ahead with everything that is good. Then make these days as momentum yourselve into personal success and ture with introspection yourselves.

March 07, 2012

The Increasing Of Rape

The increasing cases of rape are not detached from the rampant pornography. The community is very easy to watch porn sites over the internet, so as to influnce the mindset and behaving "sex minded". We certainly still remember the advice of teachers to pupils that reading a good book and watch a good movie. Advice to teachers is to build his personality and positive mindset of the protege. When that students comply with the advice of his/her teacher because the internet does not exist, that there was still radio, television and film. Because of that age yet sophisticated now, and most people still hold on to the order value, indigenous cultural and religious norms, then the advice of teachers still efficacious fortify his disciple from the negative influence of mass media.

However, at present, such advise is not to anymore. The internet as social media is easily accessed by anyone and what is desired to be present in front of the eyes. Then the spectacle and entertainment that does't educate it will undermine the mindsets and behaviours download. Then negative impact began we feel recently, namely the increasing cases of child rape by teens, adults, and even by  uncle to niece and her biological child by his father. Even when this has been created as a cultural association free between the opposite sex without  the fear of sin. We feel sad to witness the young women who are free to hang out with the opposite kind.

The increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS is inseparable from the bad habit to download porn site. So the negative effects of pornography that is not only againts the increasing cases of rape, but also increased guidelines for free so that HIV/AIDS has also increased. Escort children with inadequate religious education again, but porn sites to be closed. Including TV footage never too vulgar displays women dress tight and skimpy. Punishment againts the parties involved in pornography must also be carried out as provided for in tha act of pornography, should this be a concern of all of us, for the sake of the future of the nation.

Religion with Violence

Vioence by reason of maintaining the purity from so-called desecration quite often invited acts of violence. Every nation appreciate and do not us the road of violence to resolve the problem. But on the field, it's simply a lie. So easy it is anarchism offers of sectarianism. We do not recognize the exitence of sectarianism in the country. However, the reality in the field, it's precisely the spirit of sectarianism and hatred is always live and inflame the smell of violence. Whether the violence was a manifestation of shallow waters in understanding and actualize the teachings of religion? Called so because there is no value in any religion teaches violence. Every religion teaches peaceful life. Therefore, when there is a true religion is more like how to solve the problem of domestic violence, religious identity can be said of an effort to make and understand a religion.

Unwittingly, this poses a precisely the reality of religion as a potential space thst is easily manipulation for  the sake of momentary political interest. religion is often used as an instrument to burn the emotions of adherents. many of the causes of violence among the adherents of a religion, for example, the manipulation of religion for political purposes or any other purpose, discrimination based on ethnicity or religion, as well as divisions and social tensions

Religion is reduce to a very narrow definition. Evidence of religion seems to endorse the destruction and murder, without ever lifting the other proposition that the main purpose of religion is to obtain peace. Understanding religion in miopik and shallow like this spread continue to educate people that religion truth is preserved in the behavior outside of humanity. Understanding the religious come in the pit of darkness like this have a logical consequence, namely the difficulty of the people out of a radical understanding of who considered religion as the sole justification for commiting terror and  violence. Those who've ben at it hard to communicate.

Their way of life was very exclusive. They like to live alone in a world full of color. Sealed by the realization toleration is comprised of "faith" and the most self-righteous belief among others. Because it is so, then what's inside their brain is doing extermination at the people outside who do not aggre with them. In these conditions, the religion to get the image of a very bad and inhuman because it was played in space is very exclusive and only for particular groups, not fof the good of humanity.

In that situation we can feel more last today religion human face. At this point we often run out of sense to understand the rationality of hoy actions made the justification of violence and massacre. It takes today is fundamentally educational to religious tenets of life. In order for religion to ones inner inspiration and not a political aspiration that is full of the aroma of rotting power.

March 04, 2012


Thuggery is disease such as viruses that infect almost all joints of society and has also attacked tha organ or system in the  order of the country. On the one hand, thuggery is becoming a scourge whose existence the scary one hand, yet on the other hand the more profitable parts of the thuggery on it's own has the form [...] is diverse even has an interseting and  unique bond. The first is a group of thugs who are bound by a sense or brotherhood, tribal or  regional councils, the second was a group of thugs who are bound by the youth organizations which are mostly an extension of the hand or wing political party as well as  donations based organizations mass rarely get caught with a particular religion. Then a group of thugs who organized it also to have the boundaries of a specific area like limit the area of Government such as a city, province or even country or state.

Thug is derived from the words "Free Man" or people without a master and now have changed meaning into people who do violence to run something. The thugs are part of our everyday life, we notice around the neighborhood where there is no thugs, the thugs have become part of the social structure of our society. Without us even knowing, thugs in our society one is formed and grew both by the physical environment of our city.

The city where we live and seek sustenance had to compete with other human beings. A violent life as well as hard to find to eat make people live in violence and justifies any means. Thuggery is also formed from our group amd make unity and can also be due to solidariy among fellow friends. They usually work with how to order debt collector to someone.

But after all the violence that is based on the every troubling society thuggery want to live peacefully in search of sustenance. Let us imagine if country is growing with the style that puts the violence and thuggery action murder and every soul that life would  just to defend ourselves in order to live.We look forward to building no place again with open employment for those who do not have the skills to conduct training for them, Hopefully


February 16, 2012

Power Abuse

Power always faced two: at once charming and scary. With the power we get a respectable position, but also with the powers we can become a most cruel villains. There's a adagium keep in mind, that power tend to corrupt, control which belonged to would result in other people's suffering. Let alone that power has been prolonged and very comfortable, so it has blur which is right and which is wrong in order to perpetuate the power, and the enormous power that is often marked by lavish lifestyle to indicate that he was in power.

Responsibility Morality is an essential part of every practice of power when the good and welfare of society into the pot. But it seems that this belief turned out to be a kind of pessimistis when the holder of power of practicing power without responsibility, such as insensitivity on public interest, self enrichment or attempts to extend it's powers, and such in these conditions, the classical view that consumerism has taken over the power of moralitiy and obscure the ability differentiate morality of humanism and then morality that prioritizes the enjoyment is acceptable. As a result, the authorities to remove a dictionary from the moral responsibility of their power by pretending to give priority to the interests of it's people.


February 13, 2012


 Radicalism was radical flow in politic, understand the flow or want a change or renewal of political and socila violence or drastic way, extreme political attitudes in the flow. The key points that become it record is forced, by means of violence and drastically.

The trees and twigs radicalism is the organizations and institutions of the radical. The secret has become common when radical figures had develope it understanding in a way that is legal, organized and systematic. Understand radical during this covert has become an official institution and blatant in the middle of the community. As if to justify all the action and their radical ideas, the actions of radicalist already openly show fangs and ready to pounce anyone with brutal and sadistic action.Seems like something got full support from the Government, the incarnation of radicalism of a familiar into a system is very transparent. Organizing radical organisms are already a step that the massif.

 Source of funds or sponsors be leaf supporting radicalism. As energy-absorbing, leaves sponsors and funds into power that inevitably strongly supports the development of its radicalism. Nevertheless the struggle sustained financial radicalis should be a strong and sustainable. Not negotiable anymore. There is no struggle without ammunition. The viability of the Organization and should be supported by source organism radical funds from supporters are loyal. Somehow, in this country, the flow of funds could be like everywhere, stealth. The flow of money in the country is indeed a very uncontrolled. Finally, this situation is exploited donors to siphon funds as a form of support and loyalty.

January 28, 2012

God-Man-and Environmet

Notice about the environmental crisi means learnng the ins and outs of balance between the rule of God-human and nature. Such a civilization would occur a crisis environment when there's no balance between rights and obligations of God-human-and nature. History of civilizations of the world actually have given the fact that since the time of environmental crisis prophet civilizations never happened. Where the God-Man, and Nature related closely to the creation of a civilization. As evidence, that the history of Noah Prophet a narrative of how the actual controlled environment capapble of destroying any God or destroy a large human civilization that is created only by the flood.

In order for the environment crisis is nit the case, should be third elemnet of the relationship God synergize human beings-and nature. Keep in mind that God was the one who actually created the then set o the system of life. The environmnet crisis that is destroying any civilization in the world is inseparable from the "culture of forgetting" man against the magnitude of the influence of the natural regulator. Humans seems to feel great to be a wide range of works that they have made, but then "forgot" it turns out that the existence of the rights and obligations to be met in the balance. In this day and age just meet the right man, then later forgot will be mandatory.

There are two steps that must be met for the keep balance environment to engage the third element. The first step, and horizontally humans interact with fellow living beings and environment (nature). In this area, and at the same time maintaining a human exploit as well as preserving the environment so that it will be created a development or sustainable civilization. According to the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), development or sustainable development or civilisation is to meet the needs of developments in the present, without compromising the fulfilment of the needs of future generations. One of the challenges to be faced in order to achieve sustainable development is how to repair the damage to the environment without sacrificing the interests of economic and social justice. The challenge of sustainable development and other civilizations is determining how to improve the welfare of all at once using natural resource wisely, so that natural resources that can be update can be protected and use of natural resources can be exhausted (not renewable) at the level where the needs of future generations remains to be fulfilled. There fore, in the development and sustainable civilization known the existence of three main pillars are interrelated with each other, i.e. economic, social, and environment.

Man must believe in order that favors at once and the result of his work that is fully owned by The Natural Kingdom that the Lord Ruler. Human beings can enjoy but favors it at some point will return to God Almighty for the favor of the continuation of human civilization carries out the obligations of God's rule. Thus, the Lord will care for human beings to end the crisis environment. Remember! Environmental crises destroy civilization bfore the result of a "culture of forgetting" man against the rule of God

January 23, 2012


Whatever the reason and arguments for dependency to a stimulant called opium or known as drugs, no doub it's very dangerous to health of the user and it's environment. For users who already depend on stimulants subtances were not able to resist the urge to taste it again. And it takes a dependency on an ongoing basis until the concerned over dose, and pick up sudden death. Instead, the environment and surrounding communities will recieve their criminal impact, such as the desrtruction of the household (for those who already have families. the addict.

As a result, the child his wife abandoned so that it becomes the community with social problem. The other side, due to the encouragement of the body that constantly request the supply of stimulants that, very often the addict commits criminal acts such as robbery/theft include fraudulent by sum of money to buy that harmful substances. Image, if the majority of the population are already addicted to these harmful subtances, consequently not only suffered by the addict. The community will be confronted with the criminal who need money to buy drugs. Keep, crime and violence would have appeared in all places. At this level, the community does not find again a safe place, all the corner was filled with it's wild junkies. Do not expect from them more about it but that happens is an atmosphere of chaos and disorder.

How it's effects for the nation and state? The state will lose cadres leaders in the days to come, because most of the young generation has become junkies of drugs. They didn't get to longer think, what will be done for the country but remained in his mind, where can  I find a few miligrams of the drug. Imaginable, when "skipper" is given to those countries, the junkies not long after the nation and the country would be "purchased" and is set by the cartel-drug. Could it be that circulation of drugs as a strategy for the dectruction of nation behaviour making it easir for the other nations began the colonization?Absolutely right, it's an old strategy as well as the "opium war" in the Qing dynasty, but a new technique by providing a wide range of products are stimulants. Supplier of drugs to a country acquired two advantages, first add the their money and the second, behaviour (spirit) of the "enemy" they have been destroyed before the war advance surely commences.

January 15, 2012


In modern times right know, all parties oppose human trafficking action. Human are often traded are infants, children and women. Human trafficking occurs due to the two parties who conduct transaction, and both parties have benefited from this transaction.

Unwittingly, it turns out in the world of football has been the case of human trafficking. The players ball is often supplied with a pimp who substitute fare in this respect is the master of the ball club. The palyers just get a little material (money) from the skill and hard work in the play the skin of the ground. Greater advantage thus obtained by the pimp.

January 04, 2012


Western countries who commanded by United States and Europe trying to continue to give punishment to nuclear program of Iran related to Tehran's controversial. But so far the punishment is so weak and also not very counter-productive for peace in the region. After dropping some sanctions on Iran either individually or through the pulpit of the United Nations, The west cointinues to devise various ways to cornering is Iran politically and economically. Most recently is the EU plan to ban the import of oil Iran throughout the state of the Europe bloc.

After previous failed sanctions to put pressure on Iran, Europe seems to be argued that the oil sector is the largest source of income of the Middle East country, but despite the threat of a boycott of Iranian oil this sounds horrible to a country that relies heavily on oil exports, is actually just a small pinch of Iran. Even though European countries is not a big market for Iran to be ones of these oil their product.

A number of Europe countries it has a dependency upon oil Iran, because it's not wonder if plans ban on imports of oil Iran still on about by a number of Europen countries alone. It is not surprising if the paln boycott of oil from Iran to Europe's reply to scon and ridicule. This boycott plans only showes that Europe and the US remain HBT to continue to condemn Iran nuclear program related to Tehran that their conscious controversial, although the sanctions are not effective in the field to punish Iran.

This boycott plans pose a threat from Iran to close tha Strait of Hormuz, Strait was off the coast of Iran who became a major traffic trade Iran. When the waters of the Strait is an international in close so it was a great disaster of the world.

The closure of the Strait of Hormuz, not just make the world oil supply is at a standstill, but the action of termination was forcibly made war on Iran would have exclaimed that area. The US already expressly says that it will act if the closure is true do. It is not difficult to assess the seriousness of the US with this threat. Although devastated by the war of Iraq and Afghanistan, AS with most surely will soon deploy its forces in the Strait of Hormuz, because the United States relies on oil supply through the Strait.

When the war in the Strait of Hormuz occurred, this war also ensured will not stop in the Strait.A number of Arab countries Allied United States certainly helped stormed Iran. While Iran with most surely will drag Israel into the arena of the war by launching a missile into a Jewish State. Israel's involvement in this war will certainly make the Middle East get hot. And here's the main results of European Sanctions.