January 28, 2012

God-Man-and Environmet

Notice about the environmental crisi means learnng the ins and outs of balance between the rule of God-human and nature. Such a civilization would occur a crisis environment when there's no balance between rights and obligations of God-human-and nature. History of civilizations of the world actually have given the fact that since the time of environmental crisis prophet civilizations never happened. Where the God-Man, and Nature related closely to the creation of a civilization. As evidence, that the history of Noah Prophet a narrative of how the actual controlled environment capapble of destroying any God or destroy a large human civilization that is created only by the flood.

In order for the environment crisis is nit the case, should be third elemnet of the relationship God synergize human beings-and nature. Keep in mind that God was the one who actually created the then set o the system of life. The environmnet crisis that is destroying any civilization in the world is inseparable from the "culture of forgetting" man against the magnitude of the influence of the natural regulator. Humans seems to feel great to be a wide range of works that they have made, but then "forgot" it turns out that the existence of the rights and obligations to be met in the balance. In this day and age just meet the right man, then later forgot will be mandatory.

There are two steps that must be met for the keep balance environment to engage the third element. The first step, and horizontally humans interact with fellow living beings and environment (nature). In this area, and at the same time maintaining a human exploit as well as preserving the environment so that it will be created a development or sustainable civilization. According to the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), development or sustainable development or civilisation is to meet the needs of developments in the present, without compromising the fulfilment of the needs of future generations. One of the challenges to be faced in order to achieve sustainable development is how to repair the damage to the environment without sacrificing the interests of economic and social justice. The challenge of sustainable development and other civilizations is determining how to improve the welfare of all at once using natural resource wisely, so that natural resources that can be update can be protected and use of natural resources can be exhausted (not renewable) at the level where the needs of future generations remains to be fulfilled. There fore, in the development and sustainable civilization known the existence of three main pillars are interrelated with each other, i.e. economic, social, and environment.

Man must believe in order that favors at once and the result of his work that is fully owned by The Natural Kingdom that the Lord Ruler. Human beings can enjoy but favors it at some point will return to God Almighty for the favor of the continuation of human civilization carries out the obligations of God's rule. Thus, the Lord will care for human beings to end the crisis environment. Remember! Environmental crises destroy civilization bfore the result of a "culture of forgetting" man against the rule of God

January 23, 2012


Whatever the reason and arguments for dependency to a stimulant called opium or known as drugs, no doub it's very dangerous to health of the user and it's environment. For users who already depend on stimulants subtances were not able to resist the urge to taste it again. And it takes a dependency on an ongoing basis until the concerned over dose, and pick up sudden death. Instead, the environment and surrounding communities will recieve their criminal impact, such as the desrtruction of the household (for those who already have families. the addict.

As a result, the child his wife abandoned so that it becomes the community with social problem. The other side, due to the encouragement of the body that constantly request the supply of stimulants that, very often the addict commits criminal acts such as robbery/theft include fraudulent by sum of money to buy that harmful substances. Image, if the majority of the population are already addicted to these harmful subtances, consequently not only suffered by the addict. The community will be confronted with the criminal who need money to buy drugs. Keep, crime and violence would have appeared in all places. At this level, the community does not find again a safe place, all the corner was filled with it's wild junkies. Do not expect from them more about it but that happens is an atmosphere of chaos and disorder.

How it's effects for the nation and state? The state will lose cadres leaders in the days to come, because most of the young generation has become junkies of drugs. They didn't get to longer think, what will be done for the country but remained in his mind, where can  I find a few miligrams of the drug. Imaginable, when "skipper" is given to those countries, the junkies not long after the nation and the country would be "purchased" and is set by the cartel-drug. Could it be that circulation of drugs as a strategy for the dectruction of nation behaviour making it easir for the other nations began the colonization?Absolutely right, it's an old strategy as well as the "opium war" in the Qing dynasty, but a new technique by providing a wide range of products are stimulants. Supplier of drugs to a country acquired two advantages, first add the their money and the second, behaviour (spirit) of the "enemy" they have been destroyed before the war advance surely commences.

January 15, 2012


In modern times right know, all parties oppose human trafficking action. Human are often traded are infants, children and women. Human trafficking occurs due to the two parties who conduct transaction, and both parties have benefited from this transaction.

Unwittingly, it turns out in the world of football has been the case of human trafficking. The players ball is often supplied with a pimp who substitute fare in this respect is the master of the ball club. The palyers just get a little material (money) from the skill and hard work in the play the skin of the ground. Greater advantage thus obtained by the pimp.

January 04, 2012


Western countries who commanded by United States and Europe trying to continue to give punishment to nuclear program of Iran related to Tehran's controversial. But so far the punishment is so weak and also not very counter-productive for peace in the region. After dropping some sanctions on Iran either individually or through the pulpit of the United Nations, The west cointinues to devise various ways to cornering is Iran politically and economically. Most recently is the EU plan to ban the import of oil Iran throughout the state of the Europe bloc.

After previous failed sanctions to put pressure on Iran, Europe seems to be argued that the oil sector is the largest source of income of the Middle East country, but despite the threat of a boycott of Iranian oil this sounds horrible to a country that relies heavily on oil exports, is actually just a small pinch of Iran. Even though European countries is not a big market for Iran to be ones of these oil their product.

A number of Europe countries it has a dependency upon oil Iran, because it's not wonder if plans ban on imports of oil Iran still on about by a number of Europen countries alone. It is not surprising if the paln boycott of oil from Iran to Europe's reply to scon and ridicule. This boycott plans only showes that Europe and the US remain HBT to continue to condemn Iran nuclear program related to Tehran that their conscious controversial, although the sanctions are not effective in the field to punish Iran.

This boycott plans pose a threat from Iran to close tha Strait of Hormuz, Strait was off the coast of Iran who became a major traffic trade Iran. When the waters of the Strait is an international in close so it was a great disaster of the world.

The closure of the Strait of Hormuz, not just make the world oil supply is at a standstill, but the action of termination was forcibly made war on Iran would have exclaimed that area. The US already expressly says that it will act if the closure is true do. It is not difficult to assess the seriousness of the US with this threat. Although devastated by the war of Iraq and Afghanistan, AS with most surely will soon deploy its forces in the Strait of Hormuz, because the United States relies on oil supply through the Strait.

When the war in the Strait of Hormuz occurred, this war also ensured will not stop in the Strait.A number of Arab countries Allied United States certainly helped stormed Iran. While Iran with most surely will drag Israel into the arena of the war by launching a missile into a Jewish State. Israel's involvement in this war will certainly make the Middle East get hot. And here's the main results of European Sanctions.