September 30, 2011

Terror Zone

There should be a fundamental understanding and uniforms for the people that terrorism is not justified in any religion. Indeed terrorisn is never taught in any religion but it can be done by anyone from any religious background. All forms of violence against civillians are crimes against humanity and grave sins in religious teaching. All religions oppose terrorism, because all religions want peace and brotherhood among human beings. It is feared, when terrorism is associated with a particular religion even, in turn, was a terror against the religion itself. 

Terrorism cannot be justified. Justify it against humanity. Emotions and violence is not the answer in addressing any issues. Religion only teaches that in the face of an issues as comples as anything else then it should use common sense and clarity in thinking. Therefore, all religons are obliged do step that religon is understood correctly by any person.

The emergence of terrorism can not be separated from the question of injustice. Parties who perform acts of terror do not feel good to get justice in a global or international scale. So they respond with violence. Violence also can not be justified because if the violence met with violence will also aggravate the situation and cause casualties.

People who like to commit acts of terrorism are actually people who hate civilization advanced. They are more oriented to the interests of narrow groups and ideologies, because they do not like it when this diversity is maintained. They were happy with their own understanding, as if their actions are the most correct.

September 25, 2011


Green campaign needs to be voiced again, not only in my country but in all parts of the world. Green campaign such as reforestation is very urgent to do, practice the commercialization of the forest area have serious consequences for the conservation of water resources. Fountain hills and mountains continue to be reduced automatically. As a result, the supply of water from the fountain also declined. In fact, the need for water living things can not be separated. Without water, living creatures on this earth will die. For the human body, water is one of the macro nutrients are very important. Water serves as a source of mineral intake, regulating body temperature, blood-forming liquid, forming cells, and digestion.

As noted above, the important role of water for health and sustainable living. Every day, the average human being needs water intake as much as two to three liters. Through a study, it is known that 1-2 percent water shortage could lead to disruption of brain function such as, lack of concentration and thinking ability. Above 2 percent, the body can experience headaches, fatigue, weakness, muscle movement disorders, and death. Lack of drinking water can also lead to a number of diseases, including disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract infection. Women are most vulnerable are exposed to infection, due to the urinary tract of women is shorter than the men. The shorter the urinary tract, the easier it is bacteria in and attached to the area.So, if the average water consumption is recommended is 2 liters a day, women should drink more of it. Drinking lots of water will help the bacteria out of the urinary tract and reduce the risk of getting infected.

To avoid a water crisis of all elements should make a green campaign by planting a tree at every opportunity. It poses the greatest challenge mankind, that is, finding the right technology not only to keep all our products more environmentally friendly, but with the awareness that we depend on nature so that the balance should be maintained, the availability of water on Earth should we preserve. Start with small things, not to waste water unnecessarily, throw garbage in the space provided.

September 21, 2011


When i hear the song of Nirvana as Rape Me I'm Not the Only One, I'm reminded of rape against women is often the case around the world. Rape is not only happens to women but men often also have a rape. Rape is common against women due to the negligence of the women who made the appeal to the opposite sex.

Look around us so many women who only wear clothes but he was naked, I mean the clothes she wears make her figure look, let alone just a knee-length skirt. Let us imagine a normal man would so arise the desire to have a woman's lust. Do we blame the women who wear clothes that are very strict but behold ourselves whether we are able to prevent the occurrence of rape.

Rape is not only enjoying one's body by way of the work force but rape someone, rape depriving him of life and seek sustenance is also a very painful as the rape of ourselves or others. Eventhough live in a world of Muslims and non Muslims rape are common. If the majority of the population in Islamic countries when someone reported she was raped would shame the family so they just shut up without any legal process for perpetrators of rape. Rape so common in the Muslim-majority population. Why does this happen often? even though such actions clearly violate the law and all religions that exist in this world condemns such actions. If we do so many movie onslaught. erotic dance, music that makes man's desire is so tempestuous and very passionate about women. Filter through which we make is not enough just to avoid our gaze towards that smells of religion.

Indeed, many factors that make it all happen, perhaps the most dominant environmental factors that make a person perform the accursed deed. In one's own religion is not to be a measure if he is clean of all sins. What is happening in my area have the heart to a religious figure sinning by doing that banned the religions of the world which is doing the rape of children so that religious leaders expelled from his homeland

September 18, 2011


Very ironic once if we see a man living in this day and age, many are wearing a mask to cover the elements of so many of us tricked into going to their sweet face. Those who wear the masks are often wandering or being around us without our even knowing their presence, but not all men or women are wearing a mask only they want to fulfill the desire to achieve something impossible they achieved. If their ambition has been achieved, we realize that it has been wrong to vote or make friends with them. Sometimes against their ambition theres is no doubt to get rid of her rival. Killing, slandering is commonplce for them.

Try to see so many leaders, friends if it can be whatever he wants, they wears the mask open so far. Is it the leaders as we choose? Is a friend who has always accompany the ups and downs? Let's think

In this material life we must be cautious and careful in choosing a leader, president, friend or best friend, boyfriend/ girlfriend or anything close to equal us because one day we will regret having chosen them

September 17, 2011

The Leaders

The Leader say that the difference of opinion and views are mirror of decocracy, but did not realize that what are it's views on people's vanity and arrogance of the behavior. They say that the conflict is a form of dynamics of a nation, but they are not aware that the conflict is being played has made people sick. The people know that the conflict is not a mirror of the dynamics of democracy, but rather just from the term is most often treated as arena justifes any means. A concern that arises is democracy will only give birth to the arrogance of the leaders. People also get bored if on behalf of the democracy they are behaving selfishly and greedy. The leaders only think of oneself without thingking of what real people are being hit.

For then only money, position and power is to be achieved, rather than peace and prosperity of the people. For the sake of all those willing to loss of good name and self-esteem. For those problems that the good name of easy, they assumed that with the money, a good name can be purchased. But when the money became God then rarely found a leader of character, like finding a needle in haystack. Hard pressed. They are leader of the "crazy", who are seeking money in leadership. The argument that it is easily broken with their rhetoric, but can they avoid the fact that they fought it just to enrich themselves? Not for the people?

I hope they  (Leaders) realize that the people need a leader who could be believable character, i.e. those who have faith in humanity, fosters character, sincerity, opennes and concern

September 15, 2011

Global War

Global terror war is still the same: terrorism is not yet dead. But the global war against terrorism is great it turned out to have not made any terrorism died. Terrorist organizations are smashed, but terrorism is far from dead. The dead of Osama bin Laden at all do not make terrorism died. On the other hand Osama bin Laden go to abandon the ideology of terror, the ideology that was very hard to die.

The global war againts terrorism today is no longer a world war to face Al Qaeda, but an ideological war againts Al Qaeda. Organization set up Osama bin Laden is not currently dangerous. They are no longer organized, they hasn't again a global network and no longer have abundant funds to carry out acts of terror.

 Combating terrorism is the war ideology much more difficult than the war againts Al-Qaeda. The war againts the idology of terrorism is war againts an evil look. Already the world is now more focused on solving the root of the terrorists, not to mention the fight against terrorist. The only way to eradicate global terrorism is not deploying armed war against terrorism, but the global war on terrorism to fight the root source ideology.

September 13, 2011

Fixing the Mistake

 Someone who made a mistake being rewarded according to the rules that have been agreed together as a nation, the applicable law. Punishment is not really the ultimate goal of an error, but what they are doing a valuable lesson for him self and other. Why? Because humans are creatures spesial. They awarded the Lord's ability to fix mistakes either himself or making some mistakes others made fellow human beings. That's what distinguishes them from animals, other creatures of God's creation.

We waste too much energy talking about mistakes and sometimes politicize the error itself. An error should be addressed to give meaning, because the fault has caused huge losses. Looked ahead and fix the error.

September 10, 2011


 Disaster in view of the people, the viewa of the sudden events that can not be predicted and could damage on a large scale and are naturally killer. A disaster can still anticipated to reduce the number of victims of the disaster to improve these warning systems technology products. Not the weapon of violence like this is still in progress and now raises a heartbreaking sacrifice of conscience to this very second. Humans have not been well aware for introspection in the study of the application of technology that exists on earth. Destroying the earth with nuclear technology race that dominate the newspaper world, so human in this era of globalization continues to be haunted by various anxieties by the arms race and political different that feud ended in violence in various parts of the technology world, and accompanied by the earth's natural wrath. Apparently not able to be anticipated by human technology that is now and causing grievous sacrifices conscience.

Numerous natural signaled to man through the "rally" to study the earth, suddenly has swallowed the disaster victims to hundreds of lives and trillion dollars of losses of property and physical infastructure as we saw in the last 10 years has claimed nearly i million victims up to now. Extraordinary progress in the human technology right now, it turns out that no one is capable of controlling nature. Technology advances present just to do a "murder" because of differences of political ideology and philisophy of life.  Armaments industry progress from year to year more and more sophisticated were more prominent than the other findings, which echo very scary life on earth and sink the other discoveries. Nuclear weapons technology may invite the desire of poor countries to buy, so that wrath of the earth by bringing pain to people who increasingly arrogant, as continue to produce weapons of violence, technological tools that tend to destroy the earth itself. While the technology is capable of predicting disasters increasingly saggy, as a result many victims collapsed. If we trully want to reduce their impact, create weapons technologies that give peace on earth and leave technology of violence.