November 04, 2011

War Will Not Solve The Problem

War, no matter how proud a nation win a war, no matter how heroic war heroes to give birth, it still leaves destruction everywhere. No one of the most famous wars in history without eating the victim. War does not have a heart. Joy and sorrow can come in one time momentum. One party that wins rejoice, when the other party mourning the suffering of losing the war.Ironically, the war is so easy it was waged in the name of peace. In fact, anyone know, war is not a rational reason to enforce the peace. How is it possible, war brings peace mission because the figure of war thus anti-peace.We agree, until whenever war will always be in with peace. Peace is always positive and happy now, while the war was now negative and suffering. When people think healthy, certainly nothing that opposes the peace.

Then, why are some nations in the world that has too defensive attitude towards the issue of war? Countries such as these usually have an obsession with ownership of all sorts of sophisticated military weaponry for the purposes of war under the pretext of maintaining security in the country. In fact, aware of the superiority with weapons that are owned, the state is not enough on the defensive, but aggressive toward other countries under the pretext of creating world peace.

Belief in a State building peace through a defensive stance by establishing the magnificent military functions to keep yourself safe is impressed for the stability of the homeland security, however uncomfortable for some. The potential of ' race ' military defense made some countries in the world today is very potential to explode at any time.The deaths of a number of world leaders in the middle of the war, let it be a historical record. In the midst of a world situation heats up, we are a country that upholds the dignity of peace without war. It could be, war and peace comes from the same needs: a heart that wants to serene. Then we agree, wanted peace around our environment rather than with violence.


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