July 27, 2011

Mother's milk is of All Life Benefits

it is no exaggeration if breast milk is said to be God's gift to human life. Not only serves as a food early in life, study science even find something more remarkable about the Mother's Milk of child growth. Breast feeding mothers will be ensured by improving the quality of life of women because it increases the quality of human life begins with awareness and knowledge of the mother towards her baby. many of the benefits of breats milk that can reduce the possibility of women attacked by several types of cancer who had been stalking a women's life.
Discuss the bebefits of breastfeeding and breast milk for are endless. Even more the various studies conducted, all conclude the same fact, that is useful for both parties. Not only that, for a country that cares and focus to handle this problem, the guarantee will reap the sweet fruit in the future with the birth of the next generation who is more qualified and competitive in the international world

Functional Extension of Public Health (PKM)

Since the enactment of Functional Health Outreach Society (PKM) in 2001 to the present, many activities that do item PKM Functional Experts and Skilled central and local governments can not be accommodated in the provision of grain activities listed in SK Menpan No.58/Kep / Men. PAN/8/2008.

July 26, 2011

Small People

The small people's lives are increasingly pressed for and received no place anymore, but only discussed as a sweetener the speech. In fact, the people's interests are often sacrificed for the sake of small gains economically. More country no matter with the suffering of its people. The elites become insensitive to the suffering people of the small living of Sorrows. The elites only consider his personal interests and profits solely. In an atmosphere like that corruption is constantly performed with a variety of ways. Corruption has been holding joints of our national life.We live in a country which is very ironic. The country with abundant natural wealth but not enjoyed by the owner. Thus most of the wealth of our nation enjoyed a foreign nation. All happened because of the behavior of the elite who's only interested in short-term profits. As a result, we are like the chicks die in the barns. Famine watch wealth stolen by a variety of ways. Consider the wealth of oil and natural gas, coal, orchards, forests, and more. People just enjoy some very small from the management of it all.  This is what makes the face of this bleak future. We lose hope and ideals together as a nation. We are dealing with the reality of the increasing number of people who are pessimistic and even despair with the concerned government working alone imaging. All policies and programs designed for short-term interests and profits elite. Economic growth are proud in fact did not bring significant changes to people's lives, especially those in the bottom layer. We missed the elite and leaders of this nation which together shoulder to shoulder to elevating the people, to build this nation unconditionally. Leaders who truly understand the pain of his people and helped as much as possible. Not a leader who is always dodging the suffering of the people who happen.

Free Sex

Free Sex for teens is not a taboo anymore, but it has often been done.During this time, called sex, on the basis of religion and civilization, is sex with one man after the marriage. Sex outside of marriage is often associated with free sex with barbaric actions, indeed control, human beings have got desperate and culture.free sex is not only caused by high levels of libido, a new generation of puberty, but also as a result of errors in translating the meaning of love between others. This is the result of a lack of education in the family, as a result they find their own identity out there and think this is the most perfect.the influence of media is also so great with a very easy site access porn sites without the filter. sehinnga do not be surprised if the youth is now being embraced free sex. Virgin will not be considered again with a drop of blood, so, not just sexual lust, but the controls and laws are part of the instinct as well. For this reason, such as the continuing control and law in human life, sex naluritas should also receive attention. But the emphasis in human life today is the control and the law will lust sex. As if the control and the law is irrational. Thus, the control and the law can master more than lust and sex. The result is a rigid regulation of sex-paced and involves a moral condemnation of the offenders.

July 25, 2011


Menstruation is part of the meanstrual cycle. In the first phase of the cylce, the lining of the uterus (or endometrium) undergoes rapid proliferation of cells in preparation for pregnancy. Then, through the cycle an ovum (egg) is released from an ovary. If, while passing through the fallopian tube, the ovum is not fertilized by a sperm, this tissue and blood are shed. This discharge is called menstruation, which occurs about every 28 days. The process continues monthly until pregnancy occurs or ovulation ceases at menopause. 

Nowdays, a girl can be early menstruated at the age of 9-10 years old, but it should normally happen when reaching 12 years old. Female adolescents need to pay attention on hygiene during their periods lasting for about 4-7 days per month, by often changing the protection, at least 3 times a day.

During menstruation, but also before and after them, some girl can feel unstable, uncomfortable or have pain below the navel. They can be easily tired during this time. Those signs are quite common among women and are normal

July 24, 2011

City Bus

Bis this one used most of the economic community of the middle to bottom, with fares are very cheap to economics which pas pasan. This bus brought passengers as well as many students, students and even students. Sometimes to srumble seat between one passenger with passengers more than we have to stand it so happened a day day if passengers so dense. That's not enough, the scent of sweat mixed diffuse into a single city bus in the rush but want to tell you if anything because it is cheap to the economic cost of secondary down no problem. Sexual abuse often occur when passengers are dense, let alone rush because indeed there are no barriers between women and men so that women and men are mixed into one. Not rarely the ladies if you see a bus overcrowded wouldn't ride because it was too risky but there is also a reckless is usually due to late arriving at the place of destination. Sometimes the women are standing in a city bus that did not get a seat at risk of sexual abuse treatment received, usually there is a feeling of the breasts, holding even squeezing her ass.Sexual harassment not only alone but pickpocketing is also often occur when passengers unaware of this also occurred when the passenger bus crowded city. Generally, a stolen wallet, handpone. Passengers were conscious of himself in the pickpocket when it is up to the place of destination. The pickpockets generally do not work alone, they are flocking to target prey, and if it is able to prey usually say they will bring their prey and other friends who are behind expertly sikorban immediate action and did not know that the wallet was gone, when the bus stopped them right down and The next bus ride.Rumble One That often happens in Bus, but what would the word, it is hard to be poor people everywhere have to ride the City Bus

July 17, 2011

What are wet Dreams and Masturbation

"Oh, Why it is wet?"
As mentioned before, male adolescents prodoce sperm, and everyday. Sperm can be drained off through the process of "ejaculation", i.e. expelling of sperm through the penis. Ejaculation could happen naturally (without consxiousness) through eroctic dream, which are called "wet dreams"

The expelling of sperm can also happen when a male adolescents stimulated his genital. This activity is called masturbation. Masturbation is touching, instigating and groping the sensitivity of the body. It brings enjoyable feelings achieved by an orgasm and the ejaculation. Masturbation is often conducted by male adolescents, but female adolescents can do it as well. If men can have masturbation by groping their penis, women can do it by touching their clitoris. Medically, masturbation will not disturb health. But some adolescents who have strong religious feelings may feel guilty and pessimistic, because of doing something disapproved by religion or cultural ethics.

July 15, 2011


Adolescents are individuals, either man or women, who are in the middle of a transition period between childhood and adult.According to the World Health Organization (WHO) classification, the age of this group is between 10 to 19 years old, whereas the United Nation Children's Fund (UNICEF) says that youth is between 15 nad 24 (the term of "young people" refers itself to the composite age group of 10-24 years).Compared to other stages of the life cycle, adolescent is the most complex period for individuals as it is the period of psychological transition between childhood adn adulthood. Adolescent boundaries are less well-defined than puberty ones as it refers more to the whole psychosocial adolescent development. Puberty itself could be defined as the process of physical changes and sexual maturation by which a child's body becomes an adult body capable of reproduction. Besides these enormous physical changes, adolescent also experience emotional/psychological changes that clearly appear in their attitudes and behaviors. Most of the time adolescent refuse to be called "children", but they also can not be considered as "adults" as they are going through a transition period. It also means that adolescents may no longer benefit frm the attention and care that usually goes to children, but they may not get the protections associated with being an adult either.

Things have now changed. Adolescent are currently more and more involved in risk behaviors, due to several underlying causes like poverty of families (some adolescents can not attend school and have to work), rapid social changes or media influence. This complicated and competitive situation make them strunggle for life. At the same time, we should not forget that adolescent period is fragile and that young people are vulnerable, especially young girls. Moreover, influences (positive or negative) outside the family ones become increasingly important. All these reasons are the leading causes of adolescents risky behaviors, which manly are:
  • Risky sexual behavior which consequences are sexual transmitted diseases or early/at-rsik pregnancies
  • drug abuse (tobacco and other subtances)
  • accidents, injuries
  • violence

A Degree

A degree or title given to a person for his efforts in working on something, so he considered worthy of earning a degree. Get something certainly not easy, there must be efforts and struggle but sometimes no less that reach all the way to obtain what a desire so that something is no longer an obstacle, the pursuit of seeking the wrong way is not to find the right way, we often hear a Word where the word is already cheating exists even when sitting on the bench Elementary School (ELEMENTARY) "prohibited cheated" that's the words that are often heard by Elementary School students when face exams.Degree obtained should be the enforcer the confidence to create something meaningful to yourself and others compared to pursue something, knowledge gained while sitting on the bench right up to the kindergarten classes should be used properly, so that the graduates scholars can be more productive and proactive. Despite many failed does not mean having to give up, perseverance and good at fixing errors of each failure is a major key to achieve success.

July 14, 2011


When humans are born into the world of the womb of a woman (mother), to become adults, and when man is living the life by contributing to meet the needs of human life has done the job. And the work is sometimes not in accordance with what is expected, that's the reality of life. But the reality now many people consider it a job only in the office and looked at jobs such as shoe polish, tire, or construction workers with contempt, then why do we assume high people working in the office or company, Do people who work in the fields, a construction worker was not work, not cleaning the highway is also a job, everyone has their own job is in the office, the company, in the fields, a construction worker. Now we have to appreciate the work done as long as everyone is positive not a bad thing.In this life we ​​are in demand to do good for mankind, regardless of their status in our eyes, whether they work in the office or not, we should take the positive side, they may not have a place to work in an office or company, but the contribution we are positive their  towards.


The term "Undernutrition" is currently used to describe a host of condition, related to insufficient or sub-optimal nutrition. In children, it includes two distinct conditions:acute and chronic malnutrition, including micronutrient deficiencies. In women, it refers to maternal undernutrion as measured by low body-mass index (BMI) and intrauterine growth restriction, characterized by low birth weight of neonates. Since the association between maternal and child undernutrition is very strong, these two conditions must be analyzed and addressed together. Generally, and in Indonesia specifically, underweight is mostly used curent research and analyses of undernutrition. However, wasting is a more accurate and internationally recommended indicator of chronic undernutrition. As well as measuring weight for height, undernutrition can also be measured with a MUAC tape (under <11.5cm mid upper-arm circumference). The most common vitamin & mineral deficiencies are a lack of iron (anemia), vitamin A (low serum retinel level), iodine (level of iodine excretion in urine) and zinc. Deficiencies negatively impact child and maternal health and lead to complications in pregnancy, retarded growth, impaired intellectual development (IQ decrease by 15% in population), weak immunity and a high risk of mortality. Maternal and child undernutrition is highly prevalent in low-income and middle-income countries and results to substantial increased in mortality and diseases burden


Global warming continues to roll as important issues to be aware of in all parts of the world, including developing countries such as Indonesia.Since the industrial revolution of the 18th century, fossil fuels such as kerosene and coal plays an important role in everyday human activity. Ironically, the way energy from the mining process to consume impact the damage to the surrounding environment, both air pollution, land and sea. Starting from the initial process of mining the impact of tree felling in the forests to clear land mines into the area or destruction of coral reefs to offshore mining, until the mining operation, excavation or drilling. All activities that are very destructive and exploitative. Environmental destruction continues in the distribution process. Even until the late stage, namely the use of fossil energy in everyday human activities, such as power generation, the use of motor vehicles, until a tool for cooking. In addition to the impact of air pollution has been associated with health and environmental damage resulting from the process of salinization (acidification). In the opening stages of mining land, oil, gas, and coal, are generally used in addition to logging the way is the burning of the forest.Other forms of air pollution from mining activities is gas flaring. In the mining of petroleum, there is usually about 7% -8% of natural gas as by-products. Because the numbers are very small, will have no economic value if the gas must be processed, then it must be burned. The burned gas is called gas flaring, could lead to pollution of controlled release of methane and carbon dioxide gas. Increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing global warming problem and result in climate change. Climatic irregularity will have broad impact on weather conditions, seasons cycle, and damage to the social system as a negative impact on agricultural land, plantation, fishery, which in turn can lead to food crisis.

Is Divorce Solution

Divorce case will never stop in a country, just that distinguishes only high and low numbers divorce. If a divorce been sealed so that it is not possible to return to foster household.There are some situations in which a divorce may be the only option. For example, torture physically, mentally or emotionally. When a spouse becomes physically abusive, agonizing in emotion or mental health, and he did not want to change by trying to keep up with therapy or counseling, then it is a valid reason to ask for divorce. When the marriage failed to meet the goals and objectives have been defined previously. In this case could occur because of the mismatch between husband and wife; the mismatch is visible from irreconcilable back while going on the difference between a husband and wife as a result of an emotion, like or dislike a thing. Treason in the household; who can become the main cause of disharmony in the household. Therefore, the household was built on the basis  of trust and honesty, whose sole purpose is to maintain the purity and humility in the people in the household itself.However, before deciding to divorce one thing that needs to be taken for the spouses, i.e. seeking advice from someone who is wise, discerning, knowledgeable and had, and experienced,so they will not feel burdened with the problem of divorce.

Gun N' Roses Tribute Album

Outside of the mainstream of tribute records (indie rock, country, mainstream rock) there exist a seemingly never-ending stream of generic, faceless tribute records that are mostly released by Big Eye and Cleopatra. The music is made by studio-concocted bands that usually sound like they are one step above a frat bar cover band or by a studio engineer with lots of slick keyboard skills. A rock tribute to Guns N' Roses is an exception to this facelessness but still manages to sound as generic as all the rest. What sets this apart is the participation of two actual members of Gun N' Roses, Tracii  Guns and Gilby Clarke.

Track listing

You're Crazy - Steve Rachelle of Stuff
It's So Easy - Fred Coury of Cinderelle
Welcome to the Jungle - Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot
My Michelle - Phil Lewis of La Guns
Sweet Child O' Mine - Jizzy Pearl of Ratt
Paradise City - Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul
Mr Brownstone - Joe Leste of Bang Tango
You Could be Mine - Mitch Malloy
Used to Love Her - John Corabi of Union Ratt
Don't Cry - Spike of Quire Boys
Patience - John Corabi of Union Ratt
Civil War - Christina Kartsonaski

July 10, 2011

Justice Mafia

The judge is one of the pillars of law enforcement agencies in addition to the Prosecutor and the police. And when pilar was never separated from the issue of corruption and bribery. It's no secret anymore if the judicial mafia is still ongoing. Judges, prosecutors and the police and help with litigation lawyer ogle Coquet. The law can be steered in accordance with skenarion.Who is wrong can be the winner of the innocent and otherwise can be used as a loser. So neat and organized their games, so little is revealed in the community, if anything is revealed, is due to chance alone, or a fancy word being unlucky.In the practice of law enforcement should be at the start of the three pillars of the law. If they are not immune to the bribe, the law would automatically erect. But if they have an interest in practical so easy to compromise, the law must also be bent. The state is the state law, anyone who violates the law should be sentenced in kind by the deeds done. Conversely, anyone who is innocent, must be free.

How STIs Affect the Reproductive System

Sexual organs are part of the reproductive system. Sexually transmitted infection (STIs) can affect reproductive organs, fuction and system. STIs are various diseases which are trasmitted by having sex (oral, anal or vaginal). STIs are also called "venereal diseases'. Examples include: Gonorrhea, Syphilis , Clamidia, Herpes, Hepatitis and Aids. Some of them (e.g. Gonorrhea and Syphilis) might present clinical symptoms in sexual organs that could dissapear without treatment, but it does not means that the diseases is cured. Some STIs (e.g. Hepatitis, Aids) affect other internal organs. Be careful: even one singel sexual intercourse with ifected person  can cause STIs transmission.

Both men and women are concerned by STIs, but women have higher risk of being infected. In women, STIs could destroy endomentrium or vaginal cervic. Diseases my sometimes exist without noticable infection signs. In man, usually the first infected organs is urethra. Most of STIs can be completely cured. but viral STIs are still difficult to treat. STIs incompletely treated can develop many potential complications, such as infertility, ectopic pregnancy, preterm delivery, fetal abnormalities and possible infant infection. STIs may generalize infection from reproductive organs  to the organs causing for example brain never damage, cancer and other. Keep in mind that STIs patients are higher risk of being infected by HIV and AIDS.

Disaster Management

Currect research of the earthquake and tsunami or other disaster-related nature, be it natural phenomenon is growing rapidly after the great earthquake that caused Tsunami 2004 Andaman strikes that sweep the region of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The earthquake and tsunami issue become very trendy. Unfortunately when we're too concentrating on one thing and then ignore even forgetting anything else that is actually more important and immediate in the search for a solution. There are some natural disaster that frequency is more common and cause casualties and economic impact taht eluded such as flood and landslides. both of them incidentd are usually caused by human activity it self a ilegal logging only personal interests without thingking about consequences thereof.

To see the disaster management as a community we hope the reduction in the interest of the victim's life and property losses. And most important of these is the disaster management is a concrete step in controlling the disaster so that victims do not we hope can be saved quickly and precisely and efforts for disaster recovery can be done with as soon as possible.

Controls it starts with building the critical awareness of the community and the Government over the issue of natural disasters, creating a total repair process for disaster management, the affirmation for the birth of local policy which is based on local wisdom in the form of rules and regulations in the area of nagari managed disaster. That is not less important in the management of this disaster is the socialization of kehatian-hatian especially in the area of disaster-prone.

July 08, 2011


After working all day, what a delicious moment at the beach relaxing with a cup of coffe with the roated corn is so delicious while looking at the beautiful sunset. Every human being will certainly want to relax with family, girlfriend or friends. It is common to release the saturation work they want to relax or vacation. Kinds of events are made for relaxing, the beach, in the mountains or looking for  new challenges. if the money isn't enough usually relaxing in home with family.

July 07, 2011

Human being and environment

Something is changing on a part of man in the looking and acting against nature. Humans as Caliph on earth should have wisdom based on religion or belief and values his life. Human beings, other living beings, and the place (Habitat) where humans live, interact and mutually trustworthy human by the the creator (Allah Swt) as khalifah on Earth (Qur'an 2 (30). Humans were given credence because humans have a knowledge that comes from the ability to think (ratio) so that it capable of taking good decision to safeguard the mandate it. This paper is expected to give rise to an awareness of how we actually named faith or the mandate to keep the universe that would mandate that should we cover well in both the world an in the herafter. Human beings have been created as the mostperfect of all beings who exist in the world, but the perfection it could turn out to be the most despicable creatures and lower than the all being there (Holy Quran, 95 (4-5). When we realize about the fuction and purpose of human life in nature, then the world of life on the Earth will run as-is and we feel comfortable in it.

July 06, 2011

Happy Family

The family is the smallest unit of society that consist of family heads and some people gathered and lived in a place under one roof in a state of mutual dependence. The family consists of father, mother and brother and sister is where we get to know each other. So before we get an adult to coming the world of alienated for us to get know the big world. In our family also teach how to appreciate each other in and respect for others especially older than us. Usually in the family father and mom always guide us before entering adulthood, What matters is not to be and shouldn't be done, what impact for us and everyone. Also in the family parents give the responsibility if we are able to execute it, usually if someone is mature and can understand what it is the responbility given to him. From this a little family we all learned before we go the another science more broadly if we go up and entering the big world. So give thank's to our families, especially fathers and mothers we have to keep, protect, teach and even care for us until we are to be young man.


Many people assume that the activities of masturbation is taboo, guilt and even can be bad for health. This makes women reluctant to discuss about this. Activity known as masturbation or sex "Self " is more popular in th adam. However, not a means women do not do this, in fact not a few women who do it too. Sometimes women do want to do when the craving sex masturbation sometimes can also be mute her dsire to do that, unlike men who did not resist the desire to masturbate. Masturbation is considered a natural behavior. This is not physically and mentally. New masturbation becomes a problem if done excessively and interfere with daily, such as you to the point of neclecting the housework.

Religion in Corruption

All religion that exist in this world and it's adherents agree that corruption is an unlawful act, since depriving the rights of others or the state. Cause public suffering and destroy the social system that exist within government and community. That's why religious family must be inculcated early on to the children to always behave honestly and well. Since kids are teaching ban on the stealing or taking the rights of others. Even parents do not hesitate to punish his son is caught stealing even the slightest. That corrupt conduct is misconduct that should be avoided. As a family that has wealth and position, of the corrupt feel pround and honored. They were honored due to the treatment of social respect and appreciation to him. Like wise man say Wealth is like sugar that is always sorrounded by ants. This condition a corruptor often feel complacent as if forgetting his action which at any time in reconnaissance by law. Life of luxury with bodyguard always protect wherever go and prepared commands, often making the corruptor was strong and they can buy everything with money. But as an ordinary human of course everything is not purchased with the money. As a Human being, we certainly believe every action there must be thanked. Therefore we believe that no matter how small the evil deeds away from God's law. Human law may be in played by the power and strenght, but not with law of God. If the corruptor is not the law in the world, will be punished in the afterlife as a place to return all the deeds fro the acquisition of the world. Thus, what is the pridr of wealth and power from the proceeds of corruption, in fact only false pride and honor.

July 05, 2011

about breast

The breast is one of the crown for the Eve. Parts pf the body this one is the sexual organ became the obsession of men. Not a few of the stunned, intrigued or surreptitiously view just to look at him. While women are very protected and very few are willing to show part of the crown. Breast for women is a charm for her, Many men are mesmerized when they see a women's breast and even swallowed, it should say very beautiful and even worse to fancy anyone can enjoy these plump breast. Most Women look at her breasts as the identity of her sexsual, more than just a mirror fashion or other members of the body. Women also take advantage of her crown as her personal emblem of even excess holding, let alone the size of her breast of the other female bust excess, is a pride for her sometimes also women prefer to show the upper body (Breasts) rather than the lower body (Vagina) as well as on the position of sex, women are more to tend like Women on Top because they can show off her breast during sexs.

July 04, 2011

Religion as a Peace

During this time, understood as a doctrine of peace in the skies that have only God. God referred to as the creator of peace, while the humans are at war and destined for hostile. Ironically war or Jihad is considered as the most authentic God's command to solve humanitarian problems. On the one hand, God is symbolized as a bearer of peace, but on the other hand, the Lord also teaches in the war. Ironically, the doctrine of peace is regarded as the final day, on peace in the describe as paradise while the world is considered only a game that always ends with a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of moral and ethical crisis. World is considered as a stain and sin.This understanding encourages us view as a utopia of peace, illusion and dream. The doctrine of peace  embraced the doctrine that in every religion who must be implanted to each individual. So that every individual lives in peace and understanding diversity. Religion is no longer at war, no longer hate each other and hostile to others. Increased violence is so high in social life should be viewed as a valuable lesson for people of religion, that religion has not been functioning optimally to quell the violence in this world. Every minute, seconds and even hours of Murder, Rape, War, Kidnapping always the case. Because humans do not appreciate and uphold the religious affiliation in implementing the demands of religion as a bearer of peace and just indulge in the passions alone.The spirit of peace should be a culture that adorn their daily lives. Every individual, family, community in a variety of ethnic, ethnicity, race, religion, as far as possible to bury all forms of doctrine contrary to the values ​​of peace. Violence and conflict must be rejected and on about whatever the cost to be issued because of violence and conflict is not the core of religious teachings. Every religion should express the teachings of peace for peace on earth. As represented the message conveyed by Ibnu Rushd: If you get the truth from those of different religions be ye thankful. Conversely, if you get errors and mistakes, forgive and let you fix it. May we include people who always wanted peace and maintain it remain on this earth.

July 02, 2011

Is it Wrong to Love Yourself

If the meaning of Love we understand, would love to be shown at the expense of oneself when the option to save yoursefl open so wide? Thus, whether the sacrifice yourself this brings benefits for many people? Or lest these action, thus inspiring others to defend and die together? Last action is not a manifestation of compassion. Love is not something that is blind. Love is not loyalty without thinking. Love is not againts the laws of physics and opted to stay alive amidst the hot as anything. Love does not mean sacrificing yourself to useless. Real Love is an action that always begins with loving yourself. In fact, the real love of self is the basic for loving others. When we think that the love of others at the expense of oneself, the real action is quite troublesome to true love. How might be able to love others if we have lost their own lives? Wouldn't life be more helpful if he save himself and then to save others? The biggest mistake in understanding you are assuming that loving yourself is not important. That loving yourself is a form of selfishness. And that we must love others above ourselves. This concept is often considered a beautiful and noble concept. However, this concept is misguided and would even be difficult Act of love itself. Not only that, this concept is precisely contrary to the natural laws of love.

Love yourself totally contrary to love when we love and selfishness so that we can be more altruistic. A pilot needs to love himself by maintaining his health, adequate sleep, and eat nutritious food. It is important that the pilot can serve everyone in a better flight. Reduce the rest because of busy work that is so high in fact would endanger the safety of all passengers.

So, in true formula of love: love yourself ahead of loving others. Therefore, people who love others before loving him would be difficult to carry out his love. Because, how can we give power to others when we are powerless? Of course, there are in this world people that we call self-centered and selfish. They are the ones who love him solely for himself not for others.

However, if we're selfish in order to serve others with better, it is the Act of his Majesty, an embodiment of the sense of love and loyalties. 

July 01, 2011

Why is VCCT Important

Voluntary confidental and counseling testing (VCCT) is process where individuals are counseled to make their informed choice about testing. It will help those who are HIV positive to plan for their future and those who are HIV negative to avoid the infection. A key reason for the spread of HIV and AIDS is the stigma associated with behaviors that are often linked to HIV infection, such as sexual activity and drug use. Most people who are HIV positive in Indonesia are unaware of their infection. Others may not want to admit it or talk openly about it. Some levels of goverment and others institutions continue to fail to fuly acknowledge the existence and impact of HIV and AIDS. High risk behavior such as unprotected sex with many partners are denied in many communities, but they happen nevertheless. Condoms are often unpopular, not always easy to access, and people may have difficulty using them. Other high-risk behavior to HIV exposure are using non-sterile injecting equipment and transfusin with infected blood. Cultural barrier and beliefs have also made topic taboo in many circumstances, particularly where the community is seen as largely religiously conservative

Children and Bird Flu

Avian influenza is alredy affecting the lives and livelihoods of families and children in affected areas. The bird virus has so far disproportionately affected children's health and survival. Children account for about half of all reported human cases and a third of deaths from avian influenza to date. While it is known why so many children are being infected by the virus, one potential explanation may be that children, often care for domestic poultry by feeding them, cleaning pens and gathering eggs. Children may also have closer contact with poultry as they often treat them as pets. The negative impact of bird flu on children goes well beyond the immediate risk to their health. Outbreaks of bird flu among domestic birds mean that families lose an important source of food and income. This can affect children's health and threaten their access to education. When income drops dramatically, families sometimes can't afford to send their children to school or pay for essential health service. If the virus adapts to humans and passes easily between people there is likely to be a massive human outbreak affecting every country in the world. Children's life and family security will be seriously threatened since a pandemic would disrupt every aspect of normal life.

Change of Behavior

As invidu, we change our behavior online through the various stages. These stages include : Unconscious, Becoming aware, Motivated to try anything new, Adopting a new behavior and Maintain an live up to the new behavior so that it becomes part of your daily habits and behaviors. We should be aware that certain behaviors may not be healthy for us or for kids. Then we learn that there are other options or alternative behavior. After that we decided to try the new behavior. If we feel satisfied and profitable new behavior then we will do it again. Finaaly maybe we'll adopt it. After that it may just be promoting it to others. Learning a new behavior to follow a cycle that begins awareness, trial and repetition. For example a father may be in coaxing by a local religious to have the child sleep with use of Insecticide treated mosquito net. Then realize that these nets to prevent mosquito bites, so that their children protected from Malaria. Later he became an advocate for sleeping in insecticide-treated nets, and share his experience to friends and encourage them use bed nets as well. Sometimes people who seems to have adopted the new behavior will be refused and returned to his old behavior. As an example for a father who has previously promoted the use of insecticide-treated ntes. Now beginning to think that it is very troublesome, untill finally he and his family decide to stop using bed nets. Actually, back to old behavior can endanger the health of their families. To ensure the sustainability of new behaviors that benefit children and families in need of communication strategies and sustainable development. This includes using a variety of messages and methods to support sustainable changes to society and families continue to adopt changes in behavior.

The Cost Of Expensive Political Politician Rob People's Money

Political corruption that occurred only lately started from politicians. Political costs are expensive, especially for the general election, cause the politicians to do a variety of ways including corruption budget. The cost to become politicians increasingly expensive, some have claimed costs around 2-3 billion to become a member of the House of Representatives (DPR), and have also stated no less than half a billion. If diligent spaciousness when the campaign will cost only about hundreds of millions, this is what causes them to politicians to meet political desires. Those politicians who have business can still pay the political cost while the politicians who do not have the money that corruption both in government and non governmental institutions. As a member of the House of Representatives at the center of corruption could have been various attempts at doing a board member, one of them by siphoning funds from the State Revenues and Expenditures Budget (APBN), especially for the project or a particular tender. Looking at the political corruption that comes from politicians, the need for vigilance of the General Elections Commission (KPU), both at central and local candidates in seeing candidates who will follow the elections. Otherwise there will be seedlings that are ready to prey on money corrupt countries for cost and power politics. In addition indepedensi Constitutional Court (MK) is expected to stay awake because they are often the last place in the resolution of election disputes.