September 21, 2011


When i hear the song of Nirvana as Rape Me I'm Not the Only One, I'm reminded of rape against women is often the case around the world. Rape is not only happens to women but men often also have a rape. Rape is common against women due to the negligence of the women who made the appeal to the opposite sex.

Look around us so many women who only wear clothes but he was naked, I mean the clothes she wears make her figure look, let alone just a knee-length skirt. Let us imagine a normal man would so arise the desire to have a woman's lust. Do we blame the women who wear clothes that are very strict but behold ourselves whether we are able to prevent the occurrence of rape.

Rape is not only enjoying one's body by way of the work force but rape someone, rape depriving him of life and seek sustenance is also a very painful as the rape of ourselves or others. Eventhough live in a world of Muslims and non Muslims rape are common. If the majority of the population in Islamic countries when someone reported she was raped would shame the family so they just shut up without any legal process for perpetrators of rape. Rape so common in the Muslim-majority population. Why does this happen often? even though such actions clearly violate the law and all religions that exist in this world condemns such actions. If we do so many movie onslaught. erotic dance, music that makes man's desire is so tempestuous and very passionate about women. Filter through which we make is not enough just to avoid our gaze towards that smells of religion.

Indeed, many factors that make it all happen, perhaps the most dominant environmental factors that make a person perform the accursed deed. In one's own religion is not to be a measure if he is clean of all sins. What is happening in my area have the heart to a religious figure sinning by doing that banned the religions of the world which is doing the rape of children so that religious leaders expelled from his homeland


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