September 30, 2011

Terror Zone

There should be a fundamental understanding and uniforms for the people that terrorism is not justified in any religion. Indeed terrorisn is never taught in any religion but it can be done by anyone from any religious background. All forms of violence against civillians are crimes against humanity and grave sins in religious teaching. All religions oppose terrorism, because all religions want peace and brotherhood among human beings. It is feared, when terrorism is associated with a particular religion even, in turn, was a terror against the religion itself. 

Terrorism cannot be justified. Justify it against humanity. Emotions and violence is not the answer in addressing any issues. Religion only teaches that in the face of an issues as comples as anything else then it should use common sense and clarity in thinking. Therefore, all religons are obliged do step that religon is understood correctly by any person.

The emergence of terrorism can not be separated from the question of injustice. Parties who perform acts of terror do not feel good to get justice in a global or international scale. So they respond with violence. Violence also can not be justified because if the violence met with violence will also aggravate the situation and cause casualties.

People who like to commit acts of terrorism are actually people who hate civilization advanced. They are more oriented to the interests of narrow groups and ideologies, because they do not like it when this diversity is maintained. They were happy with their own understanding, as if their actions are the most correct.


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