August 29, 2011


Urbanization ie migration from village to city.Urbanization today has become a serious problem for many municipalities in Indonesia as well as in developed countries. Dispersion of the population is not evenly distributed between the village and the city will cause many social problems. Increasing urban population continues to increase without the support and offset by the number of jobs, public facilities, law enforcement, housing, and another is a problem that should soon find a way out. The emergence of the intention to move from rural to urban, usually have a strong influence in the form of solicitation, mass media information, personal dreams, desperate economic needs, and so forth. One of the main towing urbanization is an invitation. This invitation usually comes from someone who return home. The travelers usually like to show off themselves with money and goods. They like to tell about the life of a magnificent city, sparkling and easy to get money. The city is always described as amazing and fun place.

The main problem is the trigger for increased urbanization is a desire to change for the better living conditions and public opinion that the urban community life better than life in rural communities. This led to massive urbanization without adequate human resources will increase the level of unemployment, crime and so on in a big city.

August 28, 2011

Theologist go to Hometown tradition

Clifford Geertz in his book, The Intepretation of Cultures (1973) that human social life can not get out of the network value and meaning of their own knitting. In other words, going home as well understood as a medium to rebuild the network of human solidarity and solidity of the natural and social environment they had been born. Through the go, they're knitting up that once existed in every human being. They would be recalling those times where the spell life, get to know nature around, identify yourself and others, as well as the memory of the face of people who used to give compassion.Go to Hometown also referred to as a moment to treat the top of longing for the community after a year overseas walked all over the city almost without a sleep. 

Although the homecoming tradition spend much money they had collected for a year but these traditions are still going to run. History will be recycled by those who stayed after school to my hometown, refreshed, and enlightened in order to give a new breath of spirit and the history of one year ahead. Rite continues to be repeated each end of Ramadan in the hope of obtaining the value of human nature again.

Theological message in a homecoming that is not less important is the relationship, namely kinship tie back. Capitalistic modernity that has trapped the modern man into a figure plucked from the roots of its history and sometimes cut off as a social creature, to be reminded again about the significance of building solidarity. Homecoming into the social valve to disconnect the city from his net as human beings anomaly, at least when in his hometown, they re-identify themselves and their environment.

Our Nature

Our natural existence in this world, already feels uncomfortable anymore. Look around us was filled with piles of garbage on the riverbanks, the activity of air pollution by factories and vehicles automobile, flood when it rains, landslides. Nature has been felt disgusted, angry and even do not care anymore for humans, because humans have not had a love of nature, simply taking advantage of nature without any pay back the debt to nature.
Maybe we have a lot of hearing or have experienced natural disasters that have claimed the people we love. try to think for a moment, we Have to ask why all this happened? The disasters often occur in our land or in parts of the world there. If only all people in this world thinks for a moment just for a few minutes, the Earth will definitely smile back.

August 25, 2011


Corruption is present actual behavior because of their greed to own property as much as possible. Behavior that want to get rich, popular, and ruling with an almost instantaneous way this is what adds to the fertile corrupt behavior. Indeed become wealthy, popular and powerful quickly provided it does not justify the means is not prohibited even allowed. Rich quickly because the effort and the effort and intelligent. It was a great and commendable.

August 20, 2011


do you ever feel bored to do anything. which is in you is just sit idle or lying in bed. tired of watching porn, masturbation bored, bored sex, nudity glare bored, bored with everything that comes with activity. Why did we ever get bored? Do we ever ask what's going on, what's wrong with us, who were bored, we know just bored. Bored one day someone will come over if you do the job alone.Tired of a fairness that exist in human beings, so do not panic just relax, look around their high activity will also be bored. so you do not own a lot of people out there luck with your bored, maybe you are lucky not to end your life because of boredom with life. If you get bored already peaked go from where you are looking for a new life or a place you've never seen, looking for a challenge that triggers your adrenalin such as whitewater rafting. If you still feel tired you should consult with a psychiatrist before you end your life


We all know, the best way untu solve a problem is to avoid it as early as possible. Left the bar before the unrest, immediately apologized to the people we love before she wept, sneaking out before the collection arrived in front of your donation. But there are times when we can not avoid the problem, Why? because we are aware of "him" there! We can not see it. One is stress. Although the actual stress is always around us, but where? No one knows where he is hiding. True, once the stress tell 'presence' through some explicit way. But once we realize often too late for our state to take action. To avoid that does not want you should immediately detect the symptoms of stress before symptoms develop into emergency situations. By recognizing the signs of anxiety from the start, you can create a tension to his knees before 'he' knows to your beat


Learning is not just a fact of life in school only gives us a real lesson, we forge so brave and strong in the face of a wide range of issues we either fall in or our failure over the world as the winner so do not be too proud of the degree that we have not necessarily to the degree we can achieve our dream since we were kids. Success  is not impossible though sometimes beyond human reasoning. Sometimes we said to others or even ourselves, "Do not fancy too high, because if you were not able to achieve your imagine, you'll be sick because of a fall". But again history proves, when we think outside of reason but with full conviction, that conviction which will lead us to realize expectations. Remember the story of Thomas Alva Edison .. World's leading scientists in Drop Out of school, in the first 3 months of learning time in elementary school ....? Before managed to find a light bulb, he just thought 'Want to light up the world'. In fact he never referred to as a madman with his thought that is not logic. But in fact, we now feel the benefit of his crazy ideas. Think about it "I believe I can fly" even though we do not have wings. Even if you fail, you are much better than those who do not want to try at all

The social aspect of Fasting

Not only humans, it turns out the animal and plants even 'understand' the significance of fasting. They feel the need to fast to motivate yourself in order to maintain its viability. During the incubating eggs, for example, chickens must be fast in order to breed. Similarly snake, fasting serves to maintain the structure of the skin to stay protected from harsh sun and thorns until he was still able to crawl on the earth. In fact, caterpillars eating the leaves too fast, otherwise it's no longer a butterfly and flowers pollinated. Fasting is not just a hold of everything that is harming themselves or others, but rather reflect on themselves to coexist with others in harmony, destroy social jealousy, as well as immerse yourself with an attitude of mutual respect with the weave of life in the community, as well as to train yourself to always be sensitive to the dynamics of social life. 
When the flow is experiencing the collapse of socialism in Europe, unable to change, add, and cut down his stomach. They, no doubt the socialist view fasting as "the only socialist system is the most unique and this is precisely the most correct". How not, fasting is the indigence by 'force' which is determined by the Shari'ah to all people of religion (Islam) indiscriminately. Islam views human beings are equal, especially about the "belly". Those who have property, or who have little money, or people who dispossessed a dime, still feel the same way, hungry and thirsty. If prayer is able to remove the image of the arrogance of individual human beings are obliged to Muslims, pilgrimage to erode the differences in social status are required for a capable, then the total indigence fasting is aimed at knocking human being cautious of human sensitivity to the method amaliah (practical), that the true life is how to define life itself. And the life it will reach that perfect if humans have in common sense. Humans reached the degree of perfection when also felt the pain sensitivity, not scrambling to vent all forms of lust.

August 19, 2011

Star Positf Thinking

 When you follow the trend of lifestyle will be affect your weight. Can be increased or even reduced, but the lifestyle tends to make us exceed the weight, the food is fast food, you have to think about all this positf. And never said i did not want a body like this, just enjoy the good life and think about all this positf because whatever goes through your mind one day that dream will come true in your life. Loo in the mirror and imagine you as a model having the ideal body and perhaps you will say this body that i want but when you open your eyes and turn away from the mirror you will se your actual body, what you do, scream or Oh my God there what this is. if you say it means there is fault in ourselves.

To get the idal body for a women and men does require commitment and hard work from ourselves. Maintaning a positive attitude is vey important to keep us on the path we want to get the ideal body.

August 15, 2011

Education and Human Resource

The low education in Indonesia is currently a boomerang in all aspects, namely that the amount of land that has potential as a source of income eventually exploited by the investors who invest in Indonesia because Indonesia has not been able to exploit its natural wealth independently. Precisely with this condition Indonesia became fertile ground for the investors who blatantly take advantage of low public education as a labors. Natural wealth and human resources are found to be unable to recycle themselves. The biggest indication is the knowledge of human resources is very low. Finally, Indonesia human being an easy target to suppress the ability of the development of neo-liberalism the mindset of society so that the country's vital assets can be conquered and human resource can be used with the lure of prosperity.

This education leads to low poverty. Because there are not as competitive human resource and employment by making use of containers creates natural resources available. Customarily correct when Indonesia is known as the low countries and the benefits of basic education only in terms of superior power. Only reasonable exploitation of the rampant and finally long tended to Indonesia will be back in the hands of occupying countries adi power. Shove off from it, there is a problem then there are the parties involved and responsible in giving solutions. Who else if not instead of the Government as a leader should have applied the leader. The questions have this reality to be restlessness together? What efforts has been formed to address the problem of "low education" of this nation. 

August 14, 2011

Detachment 99

If we hear a special Detachment 88 or Detachment 88 must have been from the RI, If Police this Line 99, is how from the Police Detachment from her younger sister also or 88. It's not. Line 99 is the formation of the Youth Movement (GP) Ansar when Memorial day so Nahdlatul Ulama to 85 in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. The number 99 is taken from the sum of the nature of God in the Asmaul Husna. The purpose of this Detachment formation, as reported by the official website of NU, to counteract the hardline Islamic movement and protect the creed of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama `ah of the group that is easy to do other Muslims infidels. "Detachment 99 as a prevention against groups that the name of religion and do radicalism Aqeedah. Detachment 99 will swepping places of worship in particular mosques, and schools indicated mushalla (like mosque but a little small) taught religion by force, "he said as quoted Nusron .

The Birth of Detachment 99 that somehow got the blessing of the NU as has sparked tension and mutual suspicion among Muslims. Many people identified a project engineering behind the war on terrorism that one way of playing among the Muslims through the birth of the internal Detachment 99. At some point we can agree that the violence in the name of anything should not be allowed. The question is whether the formation of militias as Detachment 99 has been so necessary to combat acts of terrorism? Or is there a political agenda which gave it birth? Is not violence is never finished when rewarded with the same thing especially if done by a party who has no authority?
The "terrorists" would assume that the Line 99 is abbreviated Detachment 88 who they consider have lapsed and clean his blood. Sheep like this on very worrying us all. Raw at each other and took fellow parishioners, mutually kill among civilians, destroy each other and places of worship houses of Muslims themselves.
How is it possible, just the fact that a person armed with a beard, veiled, cingkrang Wearing (limited ankle pants) , will not salute the flag, and sing Indonesia Raya, it is legitimate to conduct raids against them? This is due to Detachment 99 disaster that may occur.

August 13, 2011

The Price of Goods

ALMOST certain that an increase in the price of goods needs to be applied on a daily basis, such as by softeners and feast. One thing for sure is that the increase in the price skyrocketed encyclopedia without control that is not followed by an increase in salaries and incomes of the people. Goods Transportation needs and expenses will go up the public does as if the absence of Government function in the country. Entrepreneurs and distributors will be filthy rich by making consumers as the dairy cows on the feast of this without control the price of the Government.The increase in Rp. 1000 just means that every item has Triliyunan dollars profit they get with a population of 24 million more people of Indonesia. Government - mainly related parties - who are paid from public money each month, usually only given up on the symptoms and the phenomenon certainly applies in certain times of the absence of long-term action plan and the means. As regard as a fate that can not be avoided by the power of man.

If you look at the various scandals that plagued the State officials recently, is not excessive if we, as people assume "Maybe they are weak and lame in this case because the manufacturer has paid a sum of money is safe, employers have capitalize campaign money, the distributor has contributed to the apparatus , parties, officials and so forth, so they like the buffalo that pierced her nose that makes them agree to carry anywhere .. "It looks like consumer rights set forth in Law No. 8 of 1999 was all a mirage, lip service, said sweetener, trimmer lips and direct object without a clear implementation.

It is not wrong if many people assume that the Government was only able to say concerned or do various kinds of Hanky-Panky, imaging and transferability in facing various problems for covering up their failures and shortcomings in the exercise of the mandate of the Government are appointed and paid from public money in this

August 12, 2011


England unraveled is not due to an earthquake but because of the riots that swept England.Residents of London always called himself a Londoner living peacefully and has the most courteous tatak karma in the world with three words of the Galaxy which belonged to his "thanks you", "please", "sorry", kalou's Genesis as this word was missing only swear words only.The trigger was very modest indeed when the police shooting of Mark Duggan initially, but what is it that a trigger or other problems such as the wisdom of government David Cameron a lot of cutting social benefits, tuition increases, or a higher pengguran and other problems. Eventually make the population of London, amounting to approximately 7.4 million people were in action, although not all of them took to the streets, just a pity the police can not do much, because it's in the UK are very strict rules for the affairs of Aazasi Rights (Human Rights).

If English is part of the world's policeman why London police can not secure a restricted area covering London, when London alone can not secure, why are eager to secure Iraq, Afghanistan, and even call themselves want to be a policeman of the world, Go back to home

Suicide Attempt

Suicide has become the major cause for death all over the world. Several factors contribute to the increasing number of suicide attempt in every country: Population, Sex and age, Socio-Cultural, Socio-technology expansion, available methods of suicide and intervension efforts. Suicide is an aggression action to ruin body and causing oneself to lose life.Suicide is serious problem in community health and psychiatric emergency situation because the patient is under high pressure and use maladaptive coping. However suicide atteempt is preventable.

Why does someone commit suicide?
economic difficulties or job loss is one of the dominant factor among the factors supporting someone willing to commit suicide. In this capitalism-paced life economic indeed difficult, they need to put money especially now that the nominal value of money no price than the price of basic daily needs, not to mention the school fees for children that's why the all-round economic crush hard to trigger one's end his life in the world.

August 11, 2011


Waste or rubbish is waste or debris resulting from the disposal of garbage or chemicals from factories. Waste or rubbish is also a material that does not mean and worthless, but we do not know that the waste could also be something useful and beneficial if processed properly and correctly. Waste or waste can also mean something that is useless and thrown away by most people, they regard it as something useless and if left too long then it will cause disease when the waste properly then it could make this garbage becomes economical objects.

Pollution is a gas that can harm derived or generated by the smoke from both motor vehicle fumes and fumes from the combustion of certain factories. Rarely do we encounter road conditions that clean without any pollution from motor vehicle fumes. Pollution can also cause disease, because the pollution was contained in a virus-virus diseases that can endanger our health. Many residents have complained because of the pollution, even today there is no effective way to deal with pollution, as more and more people today are driving a motor vehicle so that the more fumes are generated and it will cause air pollution.

Who Do You Consider To be your Model

Anyone born man from small to large would have a role model for that person grow and become self. Indeed there is a role model of a good side and bad side. Sometimes people are idolized role model as her identity or personal identity, as in music quite a lot of people who idolized Michael Jackson even though he was dead.

generally teenagers who are looking for identity that idolize someone. Even more bad if someone idolize people who should not be a role model he is, like the criminals. But why would they want to idolize as well. We can not blame someone if idolize someone else. Let them evolve according to their age. That colorful life there must be black and white so that the earth is balanced

Children's Right

Children are a gift of God Almighty, that makes parents happy. Children are blessings from God, must be grateful. Notice and provide the right - the right child is a form of gratitude as well as performing his obligations as a person.Since the child in his mother's womb, parents should have noticed. Prospective husband or father must provide for the child in the womb. While the mother, must provide the best nutrition for its content, maintaining the health and well-behaved so as not to decrease bad habits on the prospective child. Then, once baby born obliged to show his excitement, however, the child's circumstances. Because children have a right living. Thus. Not justified baby killed by abortion whether it is due to pregnancy outside marriage or unwilling to have children aborted because more than two or three.In addition, the State shall facilitate the family to be able to provide children's rights. Prosperity is the key. The state must ensure the welfare of the family so there will be no parents because of poverty ignores the rights - the right children. Countries are also obliged to prevent children from bad situations in the streets, economic exploitation, violence, neglect and discrimination. Children's right to life and growth and development must be fulfilled.

The fact that children are displaced progressively each year. In fact, the fate of children is not clear. They are, do not get the fulfillment of the staples in the form of food, clothing, and a decent home.Not a few of them left to do is asusila (pornography and pornoaksi). Even among them there are victims and perpetrators of these unscrupulous actions.Education is the right of every child, turned out to only be felt in some children. This proved to be still a lot of children who have access to school and not least also the feel of dropouts due to constrained in funding.The country made the children of this land eroded, blurred even lost his authority. None of the rights of the child guaranteed life when in content, obtain a living, security, education, the right to health, and rights to obtain good treatment. This is the very essence of democracy is being sheer regulator. There is no exact solution given by the country. Finally, future generations as a victim.

August 07, 2011


Death is a certainty.Every living thing that animate will die and return to God who gave us life. Death will come over to all living things and before the shuttle service by it we have to prepare a provision that the practice of the virtues that we prepare for the world. Nothing special in this lifetime. Living just postpone death. Just look around you, many people who live in luxury, wealth in abundance but whether it will all be brought to the grave, no friends everything will we leave to dust, only the body and the practice that once we used to do this whether good or evil that we carry the highest true face of God Almighty.So long as we live in this world do we serve? No, it's a naive mind, work and worship related. Someone's work but that he was looking for in accordance with the demands of the heart without hurting other people's hearts in search of sustenance.Our lives are just once and all living beings will be responbility for all the actions in the presence of God Almighty as long as they live in a world that is mortal. So working on and seek sustenance in accordance with your heart.

Aspiring Leaders

Prospective Leaders who will we choose to lead, lead us towards the gates of a new or potential leaders also everything is in us each, in your's all up to you, no one forced. An urgent necessity if you specify one of the candidates, then your choices will be 'tarnished'. The process that began with a stain will produce a stain anyway. Each candidate we choose as leaders claimed to have a potent recipe for welfare of the people, raise the dignity of the nation, creating justice, as well as combating corruption. Everything is still a promise, still just "if", "if", "is like" and so on, we are crammed with a variety of looks and style show of themselves. On television, newspapers, magazines, radio and in the streets. Portrait that put a smile, flaunt, off the promise, expect support, meet the brain in the middle of the growing difficulty of living whack.It is appropriate that we from now on to choose leaders who are not much good to sell a good story, but choose a leader who is out of our own hearts to vote for him as a leader and not hear the words of people who expressed the people's voice is the voice of God, because the mass riot always close to the madness! "We certainly do not want to be called crazy for taking care of tick noise, and regard it as 'the word' God.

August 02, 2011


Unwittingly, how much food that has been entered into our bodies, whether we know that we get food, halaal or haraam. We as human beings are at the elevate is on this Earth by God, sometimes we violate the restriction, being a slave to the stomach as well as satisfy the stomach without remembering the restriction. The pleasures of food that we get to be the source of our character and lifestyle in the human eye. In the book series managed there is the theory of "motivation" authored by Abraham Maslow, who said, that if the stomach is hungry, who feel hungry, not only around the stomach. But the rest of the human senses, he said. Therefore, humans who felt his stomach hungry, no longer able to control himself, and then eat just about anything. But, now that become "slave" belly that is not the man who is hungry. They are a slave to a man's stomach is full, and in fact has been lost with the whisper of the devil. If humans had become slaves to the stomach, certainly the person will seek enjoyment of the world, could even be a sex slave as well, especially if a lot of money and also because it earned a full stomach is not in the way of Allah SWT. Try around us, in big cities, how many there have been affairs, exchange partners, sex party, they all have been defeated and subdued his knees in front of Satan without fear of torture and painful punishment inflicted by the Almighty GOD.Therefore God Azza walla gives the instrument a fast in Ramadan, so that man can beat and detain stomach desires. Save the humans in order not to become "slave" belly and holding our stomach desires so that we avoid the disaster of various diseases Only eat kosher food. Not to eat unclean foods.

August 01, 2011

Indonesia Asia Corrupt Repository

Predicate Indonesia as a repository of deeds in Asia until now still attached. Just look at the survey results of Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), an agency based in Hong Kong, as well as the last data offered by Transparency International (TI), a Research Institute based in Germany, says that the corruption perceptions index-CPI (Corruption Perception Index) Indonesia is still very low, i.e. with the position value of 2.8 (range index between 0 to 10, where a value of 0 are perceived very corruptthe value 10, \ and very clean and the IPK Indonesia with Iraq again in the prolonged conflict caused by lust dera greedy leaders. Then called Indonesia deserves a Corrupt Repository, while neighbouring Singapore Asia transit the deeds in even with the three major indexes 9.2, Indonesia as a whole, was in the No. 110 of 178 countries. Indonesia is still far from Rwanda, Liberia, and Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also lost away from Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt

Comitment the Government projected Decline of corruption just lie, try to imagine a big party that in fact the leader of the Indonesia corruption kadernya did the budget BUDGET alone until recently there has been no meaningful results when the case has become public meals, other political parties are now sitting in the House was not much different. No political party truly encyclopedia not engage in corruption. So it is not much different from the political elite, the same thing is done also by the bureaucrats State and a variety of large corporations. This situation is frankly makes our eyes open, that Regime SBY-Boediono, elite-elite politics and ruling political party has shown his real face, which did not have the seriousness and commitment in the fight against corruption.  

Therefore, all the people of Indonesia called for continued resistance to the regime of SBY-Boediono, who has been demonstrating real not serious in fighting corruption. SBY-Boediono regime has been proven to fail in combating corruption, and has betrayed the trust of millions of Indonesian people, especially those that have been chosen.