December 27, 2011


Language is the most important part of language make up the culture of nation. Continuously, the language is a social tool that is able to render the society has an identity. Through communication by members of the community languages served as means of communication that shows a person's identity and character, high low quality communication oral or writing someone can be seen from the language used. The better language used in communication by speakers an writers, then the easier it all listeners and readers get the intent of the message. Conversely, if the speaker or writers uses language that is even incompatible with random sentence structure that is supposed to be, then the interpretation of the meaning of the phrase would be other than what it wants and not infrequently will give rise to conflict and violence.

Use of improper language often gives rese to a conflict, because every word into an expression containing the meaning and significance that have formed on the basis of the perception and interpretation of the people involved in the communicaton process. In accuracy of choice words used will result in a perception that does not match the expectations of the comunican. Misperception will be a major obstacle in the process of communication, when the barriers are not properly managed, it will give rise to conflict, hostility and even war.

Language is a breath in the communication, because there is no communication in any situation of language as the prod. Therefore, the language is an important part of life. People cannot live without language because in every human life is related to the language. Being so close ties of language and man, some of us tend to be less aware of the language used. One way to increase awareness of the language is learning the language.

Language and identity of the language are very closely related to it's user. Even the language can represent the identity of it's users. Spoken words from the mouth of a person can give you an idea of character, personality, attitudes and outlook on life. If a person uses abusive language and therefore tend to have rough character anyway. Otherwise, if use polite language, and therefore tend to have a polite character anyway. thus the need for awareness of good language and be able to represent the image of self and our character as polite and civilized nation.


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