December 24, 2011


The last convoy had left the US Army, Iraq sunday yesterday, ending the U.S invansion for nearly nine years. After such a long stay in iraq, it's hard to say whether the US Mission has specialised in iraq or the middle east safer or more dangerous. War AS it was launched in March 2003 with primary mission Dropping of Saddam Hussein. The legalization of christianity with allegations of Saddam Hussein had a nuclear bomb and weapons of mass destruction as well as collaborating with the Al-Qaeda terror group. But until the final withdrawal of u.s. forces, nuclear bomb was never found. Proof Saddam was once associated with Al-Qaeda did not exist, create it as war really illegal war in the eyes of international law. The war has killed tens of thousands of citizens of Iraq and claimed the lives of more than 4,500 u.s. troops, making it into a war that was so bad for the u.s. after the Vietnam war. Now that war and seemed to have ended. The question naturally arises: Who wins in this war and who are benefited with withdrawal of u.s. troops. The party that most benefited from the withdrawal of u.s. troops in Iraq this U.s. President Barack Obama. This withdrawal is seen as the fulfillment of the promise to Obama in the campaign in 2007. In his campaign said Obama did repeatedly plegde to bring home US troops from Iraq as soon as possible. This moment of the return of the US army seems to be delibeartely selected by Obama, to coincide with his return he announced himself to run for u.s. President for his second times.

But when the withrawal of u.s. troops it gives happiness to many. US residents, is not the case with the country that their leaves. Although U.S. officials repeatedly said that their left Iraq with responsibility, but the realty on the gorund is not the case. The US leaving Iraq with a chaotic condition turned upside down, just like Al-colonial Nations in the era of 1945 which left the country of their possessions to the chaotic conditions turned upside down.

Saddam Hussein indeed has fallen. But Iraq without Saddam Hussein apparently is not Iraq a peaceful, both to Iraq itself as well as fot the Middle East. Iraq has now been incarnated into country with the sectarian violence that was terrible. Until u.s. forces left Iraq, sectarian violence between Syiah and Sunni groups, the Kurds have not managed to put out. The security circumstances Iraq when the US leaves the country, it is very severe. Iraq's security forces, both military and police, is still far from being able to secure the country.

The more appalling is Iraq now becomes a place of spawning (breeding ground) global terrorists. The invasion of Iraq have given US to spray oil to the fire surge of terrorism. The United States invansion of Iraq that aim to eradicated terrorism on the other hand has now turned into a mission of fostering terrorism. The US left Iraq at a time when the spirit of terrorism still and more fertile.


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