September 25, 2011


Green campaign needs to be voiced again, not only in my country but in all parts of the world. Green campaign such as reforestation is very urgent to do, practice the commercialization of the forest area have serious consequences for the conservation of water resources. Fountain hills and mountains continue to be reduced automatically. As a result, the supply of water from the fountain also declined. In fact, the need for water living things can not be separated. Without water, living creatures on this earth will die. For the human body, water is one of the macro nutrients are very important. Water serves as a source of mineral intake, regulating body temperature, blood-forming liquid, forming cells, and digestion.

As noted above, the important role of water for health and sustainable living. Every day, the average human being needs water intake as much as two to three liters. Through a study, it is known that 1-2 percent water shortage could lead to disruption of brain function such as, lack of concentration and thinking ability. Above 2 percent, the body can experience headaches, fatigue, weakness, muscle movement disorders, and death. Lack of drinking water can also lead to a number of diseases, including disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract infection. Women are most vulnerable are exposed to infection, due to the urinary tract of women is shorter than the men. The shorter the urinary tract, the easier it is bacteria in and attached to the area.So, if the average water consumption is recommended is 2 liters a day, women should drink more of it. Drinking lots of water will help the bacteria out of the urinary tract and reduce the risk of getting infected.

To avoid a water crisis of all elements should make a green campaign by planting a tree at every opportunity. It poses the greatest challenge mankind, that is, finding the right technology not only to keep all our products more environmentally friendly, but with the awareness that we depend on nature so that the balance should be maintained, the availability of water on Earth should we preserve. Start with small things, not to waste water unnecessarily, throw garbage in the space provided.


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