November 11, 2011

Heroes or not Heroes

Today being a hero, no longer have to go to war against the invaders. Heroism can be realized with the attitude to maintain the culture, language, and Land-water. Hero is not the goal, but the "side effects" and he must live in the midst of society. Heroic values ​​should be useful for the surrounding community. Being a teacher can be a hero, because he was the one who first contributed to preserve the value of heroism to the students. The spirit of the previous heroes are so passionate, finish off the invaders with the one purpose of the Indonesian people let go of the bitterness of life for hundreds of years not end. They want to change. They want to move a step further towards a better. And that should be underlined is that the independence of this nation rather than the result of another country, but the result of self-sacrificing efforts for our beloved country: Indonesia.

They struggle with sincerity, leaving even the beloved family treasure for the sake of self-esteem and the nation but in this day and age is very difficult to find people like them. The world is full of people materialistic and selfish regardless of those around him. Whether it's called Heroes. Now many heroes who became a hero in front of the eyes of many in the know, so just for their name in the adorable, what a hypocrite man like that. If we see those who should be considered a hero only in view of one eye just like a teacher whose name is simply called the unsung heroes


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