January 23, 2012


Whatever the reason and arguments for dependency to a stimulant called opium or known as drugs, no doub it's very dangerous to health of the user and it's environment. For users who already depend on stimulants subtances were not able to resist the urge to taste it again. And it takes a dependency on an ongoing basis until the concerned over dose, and pick up sudden death. Instead, the environment and surrounding communities will recieve their criminal impact, such as the desrtruction of the household (for those who already have families. the addict.

As a result, the child his wife abandoned so that it becomes the community with social problem. The other side, due to the encouragement of the body that constantly request the supply of stimulants that, very often the addict commits criminal acts such as robbery/theft include fraudulent by sum of money to buy that harmful substances. Image, if the majority of the population are already addicted to these harmful subtances, consequently not only suffered by the addict. The community will be confronted with the criminal who need money to buy drugs. Keep, crime and violence would have appeared in all places. At this level, the community does not find again a safe place, all the corner was filled with it's wild junkies. Do not expect from them more about it but that happens is an atmosphere of chaos and disorder.

How it's effects for the nation and state? The state will lose cadres leaders in the days to come, because most of the young generation has become junkies of drugs. They didn't get to longer think, what will be done for the country but remained in his mind, where can  I find a few miligrams of the drug. Imaginable, when "skipper" is given to those countries, the junkies not long after the nation and the country would be "purchased" and is set by the cartel-drug. Could it be that circulation of drugs as a strategy for the dectruction of nation behaviour making it easir for the other nations began the colonization?Absolutely right, it's an old strategy as well as the "opium war" in the Qing dynasty, but a new technique by providing a wide range of products are stimulants. Supplier of drugs to a country acquired two advantages, first add the their money and the second, behaviour (spirit) of the "enemy" they have been destroyed before the war advance surely commences.


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