February 13, 2012


 Radicalism was radical flow in politic, understand the flow or want a change or renewal of political and socila violence or drastic way, extreme political attitudes in the flow. The key points that become it record is forced, by means of violence and drastically.

The trees and twigs radicalism is the organizations and institutions of the radical. The secret has become common when radical figures had develope it understanding in a way that is legal, organized and systematic. Understand radical during this covert has become an official institution and blatant in the middle of the community. As if to justify all the action and their radical ideas, the actions of radicalist already openly show fangs and ready to pounce anyone with brutal and sadistic action.Seems like something got full support from the Government, the incarnation of radicalism of a familiar into a system is very transparent. Organizing radical organisms are already a step that the massif.

 Source of funds or sponsors be leaf supporting radicalism. As energy-absorbing, leaves sponsors and funds into power that inevitably strongly supports the development of its radicalism. Nevertheless the struggle sustained financial radicalis should be a strong and sustainable. Not negotiable anymore. There is no struggle without ammunition. The viability of the Organization and should be supported by source organism radical funds from supporters are loyal. Somehow, in this country, the flow of funds could be like everywhere, stealth. The flow of money in the country is indeed a very uncontrolled. Finally, this situation is exploited donors to siphon funds as a form of support and loyalty.


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