July 10, 2012


Why people get so difficult telling the truth? Bullshit! Maybe that is the most familiar our ears today. This claim was reasonable. Every day we heard the news and saw on television they are spoke liar. They are accused a liar is supposed to be example for honesty. They are the figure in the rebuplic or our country.

Honestly is very rare in this country even in the world, a little man would be speak the truth, Then, the question is why people get so difficult telling the truth? Or, Otherwise, why people get so easily lie, even in the spotlight millions of help? Did they feel that God incredible stupid to see and hear them.

Pragmatic reason not to say straight or lying seems too simple too lightly to weigh the consequences from a lie. Apparently, pragmatic reason too simple. Surely there is another reason. That possible is moral behaviour.

Overrides candour to cause, keeping save other persons or groups or maintain self-esteem, among others, push us lie. Consequently, honestly was tight. This phenomenon has invaded almost all levels of society, ranging from politicians, the educated, until jurist who confesses himself.


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