February 16, 2012

Power Abuse

Power always faced two: at once charming and scary. With the power we get a respectable position, but also with the powers we can become a most cruel villains. There's a adagium keep in mind, that power tend to corrupt, control which belonged to would result in other people's suffering. Let alone that power has been prolonged and very comfortable, so it has blur which is right and which is wrong in order to perpetuate the power, and the enormous power that is often marked by lavish lifestyle to indicate that he was in power.

Responsibility Morality is an essential part of every practice of power when the good and welfare of society into the pot. But it seems that this belief turned out to be a kind of pessimistis when the holder of power of practicing power without responsibility, such as insensitivity on public interest, self enrichment or attempts to extend it's powers, and such in these conditions, the classical view that consumerism has taken over the power of moralitiy and obscure the ability differentiate morality of humanism and then morality that prioritizes the enjoyment is acceptable. As a result, the authorities to remove a dictionary from the moral responsibility of their power by pretending to give priority to the interests of it's people.



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