March 04, 2012


Thuggery is disease such as viruses that infect almost all joints of society and has also attacked tha organ or system in the  order of the country. On the one hand, thuggery is becoming a scourge whose existence the scary one hand, yet on the other hand the more profitable parts of the thuggery on it's own has the form [...] is diverse even has an interseting and  unique bond. The first is a group of thugs who are bound by a sense or brotherhood, tribal or  regional councils, the second was a group of thugs who are bound by the youth organizations which are mostly an extension of the hand or wing political party as well as  donations based organizations mass rarely get caught with a particular religion. Then a group of thugs who organized it also to have the boundaries of a specific area like limit the area of Government such as a city, province or even country or state.

Thug is derived from the words "Free Man" or people without a master and now have changed meaning into people who do violence to run something. The thugs are part of our everyday life, we notice around the neighborhood where there is no thugs, the thugs have become part of the social structure of our society. Without us even knowing, thugs in our society one is formed and grew both by the physical environment of our city.

The city where we live and seek sustenance had to compete with other human beings. A violent life as well as hard to find to eat make people live in violence and justifies any means. Thuggery is also formed from our group amd make unity and can also be due to solidariy among fellow friends. They usually work with how to order debt collector to someone.

But after all the violence that is based on the every troubling society thuggery want to live peacefully in search of sustenance. Let us imagine if country is growing with the style that puts the violence and thuggery action murder and every soul that life would  just to defend ourselves in order to live.We look forward to building no place again with open employment for those who do not have the skills to conduct training for them, Hopefully



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