July 06, 2011


Many people assume that the activities of masturbation is taboo, guilt and even can be bad for health. This makes women reluctant to discuss about this. Activity known as masturbation or sex "Self " is more popular in th adam. However, not a means women do not do this, in fact not a few women who do it too. Sometimes women do want to do when the craving sex masturbation sometimes can also be mute her dsire to do that, unlike men who did not resist the desire to masturbate. Masturbation is considered a natural behavior. This is not physically and mentally. New masturbation becomes a problem if done excessively and interfere with daily, such as you to the point of neclecting the housework.


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Very nice article, I'll surely be following your next post!

John Dwayne Dela Cruz - Blogger
When it comes to the female orgasm, most guys are confused.

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