April 01, 2012


Often showcase workmen protest demanding justice for their profession, whether addressed to the authorities (policy makers) and to entrepreneurs (providrs of work) shows that workers still feel the problems are serious and if left will deteriorate. This fact gives an indication that their well-being is yet to match what they expect. The workers fought hard to get their right with great sacrifice not even the few who have been victimized. But on the other hand the authorities and employers are impressed with each or "maintaining" to each other. The authorities did not put up the body for the sake of the shy entrepneur as it happens in almost all industrial conflict in the country.

In addition the determination of Minimum Wage Work (UMK) which is so difficult to favor labour also become reality less favour the ruler to the workers that has always been a source of conflict and demands or workers every year. Throughout the history of the industry in the world especially in Indonesia protest labor always unavoidable and often become swept up in downside is the labor itself. Arbitrarinesss entrepreneurs has always been a bitter pil that often get swallowed up by the workers. Surefire both community need each other (employers and workers) have always been leery of each other and engage in disharmony.

If the attitude of mutual serving held in high esteem and respect in the world of manpower and at least three will generate positive impact; 
1. Erase it discrimination against the emblem of a notch wilfully displayed for raising and lowering prestige of        
    other people.
2. Increase the participation all workers espeially in decision making and division profit
3. Each side will be focused on cooperation.


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