March 26, 2012


Happy words full of meaning. Untill recently there has not been a suitable sentence to describe a sense happy. There is saying happy was not in the world, the existence in heaven. There's also said it was happy to be had when many can treasure (rich). Happy that pops up when what is desired is achieved. Happy it was difficult, because of the concerns expressed in the liver. Can feel your heart is  the owner of the heart itself. People can just say that he is happy, but he's not necessarily happy. various kinds of expressions appear so we want to find the meaning of happy. Personally i can pull the red thread of the many opinions about happy. Happy according to me is peace. When we feel calm that's when we feel the happiness. When it is not quit, that means unhappy, please feel free to disagree with my opinion.

About happy, only our own idea. Happiness is not coming from the sky but we create it yourself. Strive to always be happy, fun way yourself, your family and others. Any profession must contain risk. Now we are raring to go, depending. A law of nature, when we do well, others will also do good to us. When people feel glad, we had nothing to load, that's  the happiness


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