May 15, 2012

Above sky heaven's

Above the heavens there is still the sky. That's a saying perennial we often hear. You were rich, someone must be richer than you. You gloating, is there something more successful of you. This world walk like that. Like a fingers, we this was in position the middle finger. At this right hand there are two fingers lower and large. In left there finger the lower and small. It means that life is always be among them greater in everything. However, on the other hand there are those who lower and small in many ways, Fairs right?

Realized this of lacking wise if there is still he who dishonors to another and shoot out the lip contemn the poorer. Nature's law perennial absence. Will wheel is turning. Which under can move up, who above would fell down. Conceit is the first and principal herb prolapsus it. Meanwhile, if everyone aware of his post less fortunate to fix itself, not add enviously and spiteful on the person who will have more successful life (growing from the darkness into light). Human like it was aware that the wheel of never stops spinning. That under a will to the top, and on the potential rolling down.

Hence, realized limitation self that there's more aftershock from guy. Are still higher from high. Are richer that rich. Are smarter that intelligent, will make lived a humble and that is your capital to add mutual relation and interesting more money and abundant.


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