May 15, 2012


Poverty anywhere always being early the appearance of various problems in order our nation and state .Those who level happiness out of standards be easy just done various lop-sided , though by being prosperous also no guarantee for far from potential damage do. Reality , fire a rebellion and warfare that run in various parts of the world is caused by a factor of poverty because of injustice the government .Then penury was a failure of countries in the welfare of the people .Moreover , indonesia was a country that is known the world as the rich country will result of nature .The region which produces the natural result of superabundant but it turns out his people far from proved the failure of the welfare state in implementing its role .

Poverty is also a threat to peace and integrity a country .So many countries has been a great be split by failure a country felicitate its people .Poverty was also close to criminal acts , anything be done to meet the needs and demands of the times .

Every man and a country not want to live in a vicious cycle of poverty , but still , poverty it will grow luxuriantly if human beings it is not trying to get out of poverty .An abundant natural given by god the almighty , if in good and in the right man or the country to be prosperous.


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