September 15, 2011

Global War

Global terror war is still the same: terrorism is not yet dead. But the global war against terrorism is great it turned out to have not made any terrorism died. Terrorist organizations are smashed, but terrorism is far from dead. The dead of Osama bin Laden at all do not make terrorism died. On the other hand Osama bin Laden go to abandon the ideology of terror, the ideology that was very hard to die.

The global war againts terrorism today is no longer a world war to face Al Qaeda, but an ideological war againts Al Qaeda. Organization set up Osama bin Laden is not currently dangerous. They are no longer organized, they hasn't again a global network and no longer have abundant funds to carry out acts of terror.

 Combating terrorism is the war ideology much more difficult than the war againts Al-Qaeda. The war againts the idology of terrorism is war againts an evil look. Already the world is now more focused on solving the root of the terrorists, not to mention the fight against terrorist. The only way to eradicate global terrorism is not deploying armed war against terrorism, but the global war on terrorism to fight the root source ideology.


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