September 10, 2011


 Disaster in view of the people, the viewa of the sudden events that can not be predicted and could damage on a large scale and are naturally killer. A disaster can still anticipated to reduce the number of victims of the disaster to improve these warning systems technology products. Not the weapon of violence like this is still in progress and now raises a heartbreaking sacrifice of conscience to this very second. Humans have not been well aware for introspection in the study of the application of technology that exists on earth. Destroying the earth with nuclear technology race that dominate the newspaper world, so human in this era of globalization continues to be haunted by various anxieties by the arms race and political different that feud ended in violence in various parts of the technology world, and accompanied by the earth's natural wrath. Apparently not able to be anticipated by human technology that is now and causing grievous sacrifices conscience.

Numerous natural signaled to man through the "rally" to study the earth, suddenly has swallowed the disaster victims to hundreds of lives and trillion dollars of losses of property and physical infastructure as we saw in the last 10 years has claimed nearly i million victims up to now. Extraordinary progress in the human technology right now, it turns out that no one is capable of controlling nature. Technology advances present just to do a "murder" because of differences of political ideology and philisophy of life.  Armaments industry progress from year to year more and more sophisticated were more prominent than the other findings, which echo very scary life on earth and sink the other discoveries. Nuclear weapons technology may invite the desire of poor countries to buy, so that wrath of the earth by bringing pain to people who increasingly arrogant, as continue to produce weapons of violence, technological tools that tend to destroy the earth itself. While the technology is capable of predicting disasters increasingly saggy, as a result many victims collapsed. If we trully want to reduce their impact, create weapons technologies that give peace on earth and leave technology of violence.



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