September 17, 2011

The Leaders

The Leader say that the difference of opinion and views are mirror of decocracy, but did not realize that what are it's views on people's vanity and arrogance of the behavior. They say that the conflict is a form of dynamics of a nation, but they are not aware that the conflict is being played has made people sick. The people know that the conflict is not a mirror of the dynamics of democracy, but rather just from the term is most often treated as arena justifes any means. A concern that arises is democracy will only give birth to the arrogance of the leaders. People also get bored if on behalf of the democracy they are behaving selfishly and greedy. The leaders only think of oneself without thingking of what real people are being hit.

For then only money, position and power is to be achieved, rather than peace and prosperity of the people. For the sake of all those willing to loss of good name and self-esteem. For those problems that the good name of easy, they assumed that with the money, a good name can be purchased. But when the money became God then rarely found a leader of character, like finding a needle in haystack. Hard pressed. They are leader of the "crazy", who are seeking money in leadership. The argument that it is easily broken with their rhetoric, but can they avoid the fact that they fought it just to enrich themselves? Not for the people?

I hope they  (Leaders) realize that the people need a leader who could be believable character, i.e. those who have faith in humanity, fosters character, sincerity, opennes and concern


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