September 18, 2011


Very ironic once if we see a man living in this day and age, many are wearing a mask to cover the elements of so many of us tricked into going to their sweet face. Those who wear the masks are often wandering or being around us without our even knowing their presence, but not all men or women are wearing a mask only they want to fulfill the desire to achieve something impossible they achieved. If their ambition has been achieved, we realize that it has been wrong to vote or make friends with them. Sometimes against their ambition theres is no doubt to get rid of her rival. Killing, slandering is commonplce for them.

Try to see so many leaders, friends if it can be whatever he wants, they wears the mask open so far. Is it the leaders as we choose? Is a friend who has always accompany the ups and downs? Let's think

In this material life we must be cautious and careful in choosing a leader, president, friend or best friend, boyfriend/ girlfriend or anything close to equal us because one day we will regret having chosen them


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