August 29, 2011


Urbanization ie migration from village to city.Urbanization today has become a serious problem for many municipalities in Indonesia as well as in developed countries. Dispersion of the population is not evenly distributed between the village and the city will cause many social problems. Increasing urban population continues to increase without the support and offset by the number of jobs, public facilities, law enforcement, housing, and another is a problem that should soon find a way out. The emergence of the intention to move from rural to urban, usually have a strong influence in the form of solicitation, mass media information, personal dreams, desperate economic needs, and so forth. One of the main towing urbanization is an invitation. This invitation usually comes from someone who return home. The travelers usually like to show off themselves with money and goods. They like to tell about the life of a magnificent city, sparkling and easy to get money. The city is always described as amazing and fun place.

The main problem is the trigger for increased urbanization is a desire to change for the better living conditions and public opinion that the urban community life better than life in rural communities. This led to massive urbanization without adequate human resources will increase the level of unemployment, crime and so on in a big city.


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