March 07, 2012

The Increasing Of Rape

The increasing cases of rape are not detached from the rampant pornography. The community is very easy to watch porn sites over the internet, so as to influnce the mindset and behaving "sex minded". We certainly still remember the advice of teachers to pupils that reading a good book and watch a good movie. Advice to teachers is to build his personality and positive mindset of the protege. When that students comply with the advice of his/her teacher because the internet does not exist, that there was still radio, television and film. Because of that age yet sophisticated now, and most people still hold on to the order value, indigenous cultural and religious norms, then the advice of teachers still efficacious fortify his disciple from the negative influence of mass media.

However, at present, such advise is not to anymore. The internet as social media is easily accessed by anyone and what is desired to be present in front of the eyes. Then the spectacle and entertainment that does't educate it will undermine the mindsets and behaviours download. Then negative impact began we feel recently, namely the increasing cases of child rape by teens, adults, and even by  uncle to niece and her biological child by his father. Even when this has been created as a cultural association free between the opposite sex without  the fear of sin. We feel sad to witness the young women who are free to hang out with the opposite kind.

The increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS is inseparable from the bad habit to download porn site. So the negative effects of pornography that is not only againts the increasing cases of rape, but also increased guidelines for free so that HIV/AIDS has also increased. Escort children with inadequate religious education again, but porn sites to be closed. Including TV footage never too vulgar displays women dress tight and skimpy. Punishment againts the parties involved in pornography must also be carried out as provided for in tha act of pornography, should this be a concern of all of us, for the sake of the future of the nation.


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