March 07, 2012

Religion with Violence

Vioence by reason of maintaining the purity from so-called desecration quite often invited acts of violence. Every nation appreciate and do not us the road of violence to resolve the problem. But on the field, it's simply a lie. So easy it is anarchism offers of sectarianism. We do not recognize the exitence of sectarianism in the country. However, the reality in the field, it's precisely the spirit of sectarianism and hatred is always live and inflame the smell of violence. Whether the violence was a manifestation of shallow waters in understanding and actualize the teachings of religion? Called so because there is no value in any religion teaches violence. Every religion teaches peaceful life. Therefore, when there is a true religion is more like how to solve the problem of domestic violence, religious identity can be said of an effort to make and understand a religion.

Unwittingly, this poses a precisely the reality of religion as a potential space thst is easily manipulation for  the sake of momentary political interest. religion is often used as an instrument to burn the emotions of adherents. many of the causes of violence among the adherents of a religion, for example, the manipulation of religion for political purposes or any other purpose, discrimination based on ethnicity or religion, as well as divisions and social tensions

Religion is reduce to a very narrow definition. Evidence of religion seems to endorse the destruction and murder, without ever lifting the other proposition that the main purpose of religion is to obtain peace. Understanding religion in miopik and shallow like this spread continue to educate people that religion truth is preserved in the behavior outside of humanity. Understanding the religious come in the pit of darkness like this have a logical consequence, namely the difficulty of the people out of a radical understanding of who considered religion as the sole justification for commiting terror and  violence. Those who've ben at it hard to communicate.

Their way of life was very exclusive. They like to live alone in a world full of color. Sealed by the realization toleration is comprised of "faith" and the most self-righteous belief among others. Because it is so, then what's inside their brain is doing extermination at the people outside who do not aggre with them. In these conditions, the religion to get the image of a very bad and inhuman because it was played in space is very exclusive and only for particular groups, not fof the good of humanity.

In that situation we can feel more last today religion human face. At this point we often run out of sense to understand the rationality of hoy actions made the justification of violence and massacre. It takes today is fundamentally educational to religious tenets of life. In order for religion to ones inner inspiration and not a political aspiration that is full of the aroma of rotting power.


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