March 21, 2012

Politics World

In Politics there is no true friend and foe, which is enduring interest. When their interest are the same, they' re friend but their interest are different they are opposite. If you say so, then the political world is a barren world, far from the values of religion. The above statement and perception is often heard. In fact, it's concern again is when such views are embraced by many politicians. So, it can be imagined how much danger the future primaries, because people of the thought that in politics the dirty is concidered common and behave legitimately. it could be an honest person, in fact concidered strange, politicking innocent, plebeian, dumd and outdated.

What is so there? if yes, it will be awfully life in world politics. No more morals and mental attitude to the role of religion in it? All ways permitted to achieve goals and powers. Fraud, pretence, dishonesty, and dirty like a ploy by intimidation, manipulation, bribes, fraudulent acts and the like are concidered commonplace things. This is called that politics was subterfuge.

In fact this view were derived fom secular leftism is attempting to separate between the political morals was written with. Religious left even not used again in after them. The values and teachings of religion does not exist in political arena. The political sphere is the life of an entirely secular, whereas religion is the spiritual affairs of the hereafter, and sin. There is no political reward and his dealings with sin, heaven or hell, even there is no relationship with the good and bad. Politics is a multi-sport competition free value completely worldly affairs, viewed simply as a power struggle is not arena attributable to religious morals


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