June 29, 2011


Atheism is an understanding that does not acknowledge God, both in therm of it's existence and it's role in regulating the life of mankind. Atheists often arise due to the nature of the disappoinment a person to God and finally them decided to not godless. They (the atheist) feel that God is a servant to They, when there is a desire that is not achieved then they became disillusioned with God. As a result of the disappointment comes the anti-God thoughts because they considers God did not serve them. The term atheism comes from Greek (Atheos), which is a pejorative used to refer to anyone who is opposed to religious belief / trust already established in the environment. With the spread of free thought, scientific skepticism, and criticism of religion, atheists began specified term to refer to those who do not believe in God. The man who first claimed to be "atheists" appear in the 18th century. With the birth person does not understand atheists afraid of God and they will do anything without being watched. Atheists will reject all the trust that has to do with the Lord as the Day of Judgement and punishment of the grave. People are atheists do not fear death because they think death is the end of life is empty without any accountability. They do not believe in the promise (Paradise) and threats (hell) from God. So naturally, if they dare to do anything without thinking long. However, very difficult to find a true atheist, because any evil human in they heart must believe that God exist. If indeed there is the atheist's atheist people deserve to be called as the brave. To God they are not afraid of much less to that God. So it was natural that those atheists dare do anything, including againts God. But the strange thing is when there are people who claim godless but instead acts like an atheist. They claim the people of Muhammad prophet and some even proclaimed themselves as the descendants of the good man but their attitude and behavior are not much different temperaments of people atheists. They confessed himself have got religi and they even worship diligently.But the act of stealing and robbing them still do. Of course, with high class methods and using similiar strategies employers are barely readable by the common people. By imitating their Marcopolo explore their office for use as offices for the fields where they harvest the treasure. Almost no head offices and companies that dared to oppose their mission because of fear of risk rather frightening. They proclaim themselves as heroes and considered himself the most meritorius. They assume someone else is a slave to be ready to accept every decision they make. Any good policies and rules made by the goverment and others must get approval from them. All decisions are born in this country should be consulted with them. if there are decisions are incompatible with their minds, they did not hesitate to sue even without any apparent reason. They claimed descent from the clergy and their understanding of religion but at all times to spread terror and intimidation againts the community which incidentally is the brother compatriots, compatriots and co-religionists. Saying Allahu Akbar, Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah always spoken in their lips. Sometimes unconsciously spoken utterance is accidentally when they spread terror. People's live become shackled, their rights are ignored. Community felt that his life unsupervised and away from freedom. In addition, on election day people feel anxious and not free in determining their voting right because over shadowed by fear. Especially at election time, they went to the houses for community to support. Society can only be resigned to follow what they have created. Of some traits over hopefully we can recognize those who make religion as a tool to achieve it's objectives. They claims to be religioud people and defenders of Islam but their behavior is not much different from those atheists. They prayed while terrorizing and threatening them with a remembrace.


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