June 25, 2011


Oh my son, is there anything that I have the habit of the Prophet do? That's the question posed. Although Abu Bakar ra (Companions of Prophet Muhammad) has gone, the question that he asked to 'A'ishah (One of the wives of Prophet Muhammad) to now become an important legacy that can be used as a tool to assess the extent to which we have been able to faithfully follow the Prophet or none of the commands of the Prophet Muhammad Saw which we can faithfully follow, let alone follow it. Especially in the era of the all materialists, many who have strayed far from the road on the show by the Prophet. Said a good word or a hadith that the Prophet memorized, often only made ​​in words alone amplifier or intelligence support, while in the act is often done the opposite. Good morals, such as those aimed at the Prophet and is the main goal in utusnya Prophet had been deliberately destroyed the lives of most humans. As a result, many human actions are now barren of noble values ​​demonstrated that the Messenger of Allah SWT. The impact of this crime will flourish. More fertile again and its growth is closely rooted in the absence of care for the repeal (of crime) and replant the good. Of course there will be no one except those who would repeal those who profess allegiance to the Prophet


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