June 20, 2011

Is Mining Trouble Maker?

Mining is a trouble maker deforestation or mining environment and destroyer so that a better environment and moratorium on all extractive companies just close them. That's the impression that we often hear about mine so far. Is it really like that?. Theres is nothing wrong in throwing the argument is absolute. No need to be rejected too, that the mine was damaging the environment. Just need a bit of sorting that the various arguments put forward can be grouped into two: who understand and who don't know about mining. The argument being thrown by those who do not understand the quantity is very large and has given rise to negative perceptions of the mining industry and mislead the public by issuing false statement. The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992 became one of the pillars of the world including the industrial mindset change in the mining sector. Paradigm which has been based on the growth of the economy began to be directed to sustainable development. Suistanable development is an idea that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their needs. To support sustainable development in the mining sector, there needs to be closure policy since the beginning so as to encourage any mining activity has a structuring concept quarry to be safe and still has the fuction of environmental ptotection. Many people who see only the mining of the damage done, without even knowing that behind all the mining activities must always be terminated with series of closure that takes into account environmental factors, social welfare and profit. So there is always activity reclamation, revegetation and replanting of former mining land. Fallacy that mining does not have a concept of environmental awareness is still a hurdle many eclogist not accept mining as an activity for human welfare. Some even look at one eye and was always seen with a bad precedent. Green mining or mine green that concept needs to be done by the actors and practitioners of mining, as a bridge to synergizing the mining environment. Because these two things is basically a human activity aimed at meeting the needs and welfare of his life. Mine is not always destructive, sometimes the impact can be a blessing to other activities. Green doest not mean mine can not do mining and dredging mininga activities to earn profit, but there is no value of protection and respect for the environmet abd society. By implementing the environmental protction and welfare of this community, could become a business requirenment to be able to continue mining activity to higher level of profit. 


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