June 25, 2011


Glory, honor, and the like are degrees that are sought after people in this world. Most tend to assume that the glory will be won with money and possessions, so the money and property are being pursued and gathered day and night. Others thought that the glory can be achieved with the position, then earned a high level is the target. But according to Imam Ibnu Qayyim, grab something needs to know the key, as the glory of the locked obedience and obedient to Allah and His Messenger. Ibnu Qayyim has shown an essential key to noble life, which when used will open the gate to glory in the world and the hereafter. Moreover, the degree of glory that was obtained with the property, usually only last a short time. People who own property only when a property is considered noble, and that person became worthless when his wealth is gone. Likewise with the position, only in the Gentlemen in the meantime. Especially when standing still on hold. In fact, wealth and position could make people who have become arrogant, forget self, depressed and misguided soul, if not accompanied by obedience to Allah and His Messenger. This happens because many people assume is his wealth and position, rather than a temporary loan.


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