June 25, 2011


When someone is in a great ship that was sinking slowly in the middle of the ocean, so anyone passengers will not let a second time is up unseless. It must be utilized in every second to find a way to save themselves from drowning. If we know, actually live in this world just like people who escape from the sinking of the ship where we will slowly sink in the swift current of life which, because of lack of ability to save themselves. So important to find a way to save themselves, Luqman al-Hakim told how to save themselves, by learning and studying, especially at a time when young. With science we do good to save yourself in the world and the here after. Prophet Muhammad SAW as represented, if you want to want a better life here after which is also a science. Knowledgeable humans are given a greater degree by Allah Swt. Whit sciences we are saved from the threat of ignorance or inability to worsship and make a living. Many people who fled the path of evil, because of his inability to make a living in the path of goodness. Therefore, be thankful for those who have managed to make a living in the path of goodness, because it is the favored path of Allah Swt. If not, it means we allow ourselves sinking slowly in this life.


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