June 17, 2011

Power as Mandate

So how exactly is the Islamic tradition of treating the power?In Islamic rule interpreted as a mandate from God.Because the trust or the deposit, then later a leader of the ruling will be held accountable for the lead. A leader of the household it’s responsbility to lead the household. So also the leader of the village, subdistrict, district, or province.Higher levels of leadership work to do, the more weight is also accountable to God.No wonder that the leader will enter paradise because the longest duration of the trial from God. As Lord Acton said, "Power tends to corrupt" rule is likely to be abused.Power itself tends to cling to the leader.The question is whether it is possible to walk this world without a leader? Is the nation, society, until the family can fuction without leadership. Of course not.In Islam it must be emphasized that leadership is.In a hadith saying if two people pass up the trip, then one must be a leader.But of course in leadership, leadership is not authoritarian. Then the names of the leaders of oppressive tyranny of civilization human family through pembataiannya action.The name was emblazoned tyrants in human history.To mention a little tyrant leader among Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Nazi leader named Hitler for example, to maintain their rule did not hesitate to kill hundreds of people. One of the principles set forth brutality in the words, "I like to hear children's voices.But I'd rather swim in a sea of ​​blood. "We certainly pray that the leaders avoid such types. So the history of the Islamic leaders in the past teaches us.Never ask for power, but when given the power accept because it's mandate from God.During the Khulafa Rashideen we know not many friends who want to become a leader.They chose to become an ordinary person.Even if they finally elected a leader because the shura, or demand of the Muslims themselves.These conditions are exactly what was said by Ibn al-Jawzi in his book Al-Katheer Shaid who said, "In the past only the power required by that have a deep knowledge and experience that a lot.But now, the power held by fools and those who had no right to it.People like this must watch out and shunned. 


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