June 21, 2011


In democracies, the foremost established is willing to accept defeat with sincerity, respect others, obey the rules that have been standard. Again, why are we not ready to democracy when the world was praising us as the third largest democracy in the world? Will compliment Obama said Indonesia ha a future so bright if we still maintain our character like this? Democracy on the other hand i understand it was a matter of rules and how to respect others. The political system of a country that used to have a hope of implementing democracy better than authoritarian states. In democracies, the foremost established is willing to accept defeat with sincerity, respect others, obey the rules that have been standardized and set together. Departing from principles such such as these, reasonable people in the United States to finish the substantive democracy. The politicians in the United States greatly appreciates contituatent voters. They are fully aware, they were sitting senator, public officials because the people wanted a change for the better. If we see democracy that we apply, it is very reasonable we are not ready for democracy.Do not always blame each other.When speaking of democracy and the rule of issues of mutual respect of others, not too hard to find facts on the ground about our lack of obedience to the rules and respect others.At every red light the city of Medan, although there are very large writing stops behind the line, almost all vehicles, both elite and ordinary always passes through the line.Even the breakthrough red lights are very easy to find. This is the portrait of a nation unprepared democracy.Samples of red lights and traffic is still one sample.And obey the traffic signs is a matter of rules and how to respect others. Here we are not ready for democracy, although still very simple. It is said again in the practice of nation and state is good. In many countries formally managed resources.One is money and other forms of facility.This is an advanced source of the problem.Whereas in managing the resources of the country need better rules and regulations.If we can not respect the rights of others to see that money and resources of the state is for the common good, which is the root of the problem therefore appears corrupt behavior. Corruption is a form of our inability to respect what the people's right’s. Corruption is a form of our disobedience to the rules of good.Given the culture of our society are always looking for shortcuts and outside the rules, there is often a violation of various rules of the game.Nations that do not obey the rules of the game always falls in the conflict brothers. How to be ready for democracy? Certainly there is no standard formula as in formula Mathematics or Physics. But the answer is very simple.Two absolute prerequisite in a democracy, obey the rules and respect others.When I became a public official, I do not run the program development for the people, then I already do not appreciate what the rights of others and I am already breaking the rules. The emergence of various political conflicts at the local and national level is the fruit of our unpreparedness mengahrgai others and do not obey the rules of the game. Culture back in Japan by it’s officials is a form of respect for others. He indirectly let someone more capable to lead. Form here we can see together, that democracy requires a very simple formula, respect for other. Naturally democracy in developed countries the main instrument to achieve state goals. If they are not able to respect others and obey the rules, then the next they will not be reelected and advanced politicians or public officials. Stark contrast in our country, from people who are qualified higher education is also very difficult apriciated right of others and obey the rules. Not a view that is foreign to us, that the officials always take precedence if the car passed. Although there are rules all equal before the law and goverment. Apparently it does not work, only limited service lips alone. When democracy becomes an option for a nation, it takes respect for others and obey the rules. Later in his political plays, all political behavior needs to be directed to build the people and give good value to the community. This is very simple example, that democracy is actually not complicated, just a matter of respect for others and obey the rules that already joint decision anyway. When will ready for democracy?


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