June 17, 2011


The system of capitalism is a real and systematic "successfully" kill people because it managed ti improverish people and make them suffer. Neoliberal policy revoke subsidies which are actually the people's right through the instrument of privatization of health and education have added a row of the burden of the people. Distribution of natural walth is uneven due to understand the freedom of ownership embraced the capitalist system, making the pattern of life that governs this nation like the law of the jungle. The strong survive. That is, the financier who became lovers of natural wealth. While the people as mere object of the patient. Well. maybe at the time of election, the people approached, when elected to fool people. Capitalist system with it's democratic political system has also been successfully fragmented Indonesia, with the release of Est Timorese to determine the reason of self as democratic right. Aceh, Papua and some other regions will be threatened off the grounds of democratic rights to self-determination. Justice system and the sactions are never able to resolve the issue, reportedly expected to deter offenders. Evidently, this mas-made law (Capitalism) to fail. Injustice, handling various cases of irregulararities that befell this nation had been enough to prove to our capitalism system is dilapidated. Ideology of freedom is exalted in the capitalism system gave birth to the chaos here and there. Free sex getting stuck, which ultimatelly undermine the nation's generation, the birth of the homosexual group, the perpetrator pornography, porno-action, cult groups, they demanded iy's existence is recognized, protected in the name of freedom. So, if all aspects of life become dilapidated due the implementation of the ideology of capitalism, all aspect capitalism destroyed, then this is indeed the true face of capitalism defects. Ideologies that constitute a real threat. Ideology that can threaten the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, as between the rulers and the people have no relationship can be harmonious. Authorities were being used just to please the Western imperialist masters, while the people become casualities of it. Do not we able to thinks of it? we still to maintain this system?


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