June 18, 2011


Community-soluble or Government pretended that the blind will skyrocket gap in society of Indonesia. Inequalities such as poverty, evictions and unemployment are widening even haunting lives of the people of Indonesia. As a result, many Indonesian people who become workers in a company with very low wages (below minimum wage). Funny thing is the company that holds the people of Indonesia is a foreign company.  And in our memories as she sat in an elementary school (SD) is very clear the teachers said that Indonesia is an agrarian country, Indonesia is rich meaning that Natural Resources (SDA). Where to maximize the utilization Indonesian agricultural land will be safeguarded economic stability. Now the agricultural sector has also been turned into large plantations. Finally, to consume the rice we have to import from foreign countries. Have we ever asked ourselves why these gaps occur in people of Indonesia? , Giving rise to our own misery. Now it's time we are sensitive to the gaps that exist and build awareness that foreign domination has eat slowly economic this country, while the firmness of the government for it is lacking. Foreign dominating role in the strategic sectors, such as finance, energy and mineral resources, telecommunications, and plantations. With such foreign domination, often impressed economy hostage to their interests, which ultimately the people who experience adversity. Poverty is increasingly spread throughout the fabric of Indonesian society it is time for us to stop. The government should take the rigor to drive the wheels of our national economy, before all the sectors in this country controlled by a foreign country. For example, the government developed a national independent economy to maintain stable national economy. So that we no longer dependent compounds against a foreign country which leads to a suffering people. The government must also be able to take advantage and be able to master the potential of natural resources and human resources nationally, and can direct it to the people's interests. Not forgetting also to conduct judicial review of Law No.25 of 2007 contrary to Article 33 UUD'45 as the constitution of Indonesia. So people would not be working again in his own country and poverty will surely be overcome.


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