June 16, 2011


When disaster comes with sunddenly, generally many citizens or people who panicked, not knowing what to do what should be done to cope with disaster. Just be ready to panic and never have to dela with it. So far most prefer to think that it's eazy, quick and lazy to think too much. Especially something that is not yet certain, certainlly not lazy, do not understand or do not want to understand are usually friendly. Untill the terrible disaster is really coming, then stunned and because it is not ready, hoping for help to other people or other countries. Various disaster in the future will be difficult to seek foreign aid, because the whole world will be affected by the disaster, for example, many of the expected 2040-an increase of sea water would submerge most of earth's landmass, this is due to melting of ice in the north and south poles. We do not know which one is faster toward disaster mankind for years to come, disease, natural disasters, the long conflict between humans due to difficulties of life are getting worse. Since a few years ago, reportedly the north polar ice has been broken for the City of New York, according to Angelina Humbert of 700 square kilometers that is. the process broke the ice is long overdue on a smlall scale. Now, the mountain also has as large iceberg that broken a lot. It may show signs of more active movement of the polarice melting due to global warning. Of course global warning due to human activities that burn fossil fuels arbitrarily into CO and NOx and other toxic gases to the atmosphere of the earth. The impact will occur greenhouse effect and climate change on earth's surface. When inu average temperature in europe have increased several degrees celcius compared to other changes in the transition season. Encroachment and other activities that danage ecosystems, including the voracious devouring can generate money for private interests the other causes. In addition to causing climate change, global warning will also cause the formation of the new variety of virus that will cause new diseases. Eg H5N1, H1N1 or know as Avian flu or flu. In terms of the main causes is our human activity increasing due to the need for more food and travel. Global heat can not be prevented, because of human desire or passions in life are not possible except by it's own natural disaster. The impact of the global heat will be worse than the crisis global. Slowly but surely we will accepst these adverse effects. Unfortunately, besides not going to try to prevent the destruction of nature, we are also not reay to face a human disaster lurks ready anytime and anywhere


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