June 20, 2011

Ecology for Human

So far, the paradigm developed in the community in general in addressing the relationship between man and nature is anthropocentric paradigm, in the sense of man as the holder complete control over nature.Assumptions such as this will result in the placement of man as the king's legitimate to exploit the natural wealth on the basis of profit and loss for the benefit of man alone.Anthropocentrism misguided as this will give birth to the concept of ecology is arrogant, full of capitalistic greed and leads to environmental destruction.Impact of concrete which can be seen not only flash floods, but also including air pollution, ozone layer depletion, nuclear radiation, flood, industrial waste and other pollution-pollution that cause various diseases is a result of damage to the ecosystem that was born from the absence of human wisdom to safeguard the environment . Ethics anthropocentrism is basically a complement of ecological born with a secular character, ethics, science and technology nonreligi is considered reasonable because it is growing in the West, an area set apart from the worldly affairs of religious affairs.Therefore the world is considered as a no man's land territory to be subdued, exploited and explored to meet the needs of human life and the future of the world. In this atmosphere we are required to give birth to a new interpretation of how the relationship between man and harmonious environment, without forcing the text to speak.Here in lies the role of human reason in analyzing verses bounty God to give birth to a new concept of man's relationship to the environment along with breakthrough and alternative solutions to environmental problems that occur now. Based interpretation of environmental (ecological interpretation) is often interpreted as the attitude of the public theology (religious) to its environment.The paradigm of this interpretation is not entirely natural position as the only object of human exploitation. Natural empowered to human welfare as much as possible, without reducing the level of sustainability.Welfare is not only related to economic factors alone, but rather to the concept of development in harmony with environmental sustainability.Until the end of this interpretation will create a relationship that places man was created for nature and human nature was created for.With the concept of interpretation of human ecology is expected to be more prudent in natural treats, natural destruction caused by exploitation without considering the rights of nature will only be a social burden to be borne by society because of the greed of the parties are not responsible.


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