June 30, 2011


The most extreme opinion said that a racist is as old as human history, but there is a successful push yourself  not to be racist or lazy for failing to recognize a group, another group of foreign human society that has not in the know. People are often trapped in identifying others who are different based on ethnicity, religion, race and ethnicity. Or trapped in the physical characteristics, such as nigger, white, yellow skin or in the anatomy of the body such as the pug nose, narrow eyes, dwarf, and so on. Racism if it involves people in power, have authority in making policy, making law or Act which could ultimately bring an attitude of racial discrimination in the other group. Racism occurs evenly in many places, as in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. At country level, racial discrimination had been generating terror and violence too far. Massacre of the Jews by Hitler, apartheid in South Africa, two things that are considered to be very historic, although the first one still being debated today. Explained in any way, racist attitudes are foolishness. Being a racist is a person who has the attitudes, trends, statements, and actions that favor or against certain groups of people, mainly because of racial identity. Being a racist is someone who does not base itself on any science, and contrary to ethical norms, humanitarian and human rights. Being racist is being personally insulting, discriminatory, suck, oppress and even kill people of other tribes.


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