June 17, 2011


One of the most difficult attitude that human beings do go round to apologize and admit mistakes. Attitudes selfish and bossy still stronger lead a person to admit mistakes. And when we want to humble ourselves, have the courage and awareness to recognize a mistake as a mistake will set us free from oppression and free from the bondage of error. When we admit a mistake, instantly a feeling we will be quiet. The position of guilt will soon move into position properly. We become true when the spirited likelihood admit fault and will not repeat the mistake a second time. The fact that there are and much we encountered today is that many people are aware of having made a mistake, but the person is trying to hide mistakes and stick with the principle that the error in doing is a truth. In this position, we have added levels of our failures to be squared error. If you have this, we have to deceive ourselves, deceiving others and at worst lied to the Creator. There are many individuals who consider the error as a measure of truth according to the personal (self). It is clear caught and corruption, cheating, but simply because they do not want to leave the error, they stick with the ego that they do not mistakes made have helped him in getting humanitarian achievement, achievement of satisfaction can seize or destroy another person household. This phenomenon has been frequently occur anywhere on earth. Personally like this will usually cover the conscience in order to achieve what he wants. They tend to feel comfortable with all that they receive even harusm deny the truth. So personally like this always assume that whatever yanh done and done is the truth, even if the people around him admonish, criticize and oppose the attitude, that what was done during this is a mistake. In real practice in our day to day life, admitting mistakes and apologizing is one thing that is very hard done by humans. However, when we could be self-defeating and self-correct, it means that we have gone one stage to shake the feeling selfish, ego beat us in looking at a reality and truth. The real truth is the truth.


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