June 16, 2011

Opium Power

Power is like opium. A ruler in power will continue to power addiction that make his life not be normal if it does not hold power. Dependence on power is too sensitive to make a ruling on his rule. Criticism and the opposite attitude that comes from some community groups will be on view as an attemp to drop the power that he mastered, so it will become paranoid. The tendency will be the opiate of power can happen to anyone and occurs in every stage of life, and in various aspects of life, both at the national, international and local. A prominent organization that has been addicted ti power would not be replaced by someone else and if anything needs to be replaced always wanted a place still related, to safeguard it's interests. The same is happening in goverment bureaucarcy so that the turn of the officials in the bureaucracy will brings a variety of pplitical rumors, both for which the substitute or replace it. Opium of power is very dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous than people who drugs because of power will affect systemic opiated for the lif of the  community. A ruler of official who addictive power will corrupt policies and actions which are only concerned with and benefit himself and his/her/or their group, and harming other people and other groups, and may interfere with the dynamic of the life of society as a whole. Political democrasy in fact is therapy to overcome the addiction pf power because plotic power in a democracy must always be in control are strictly for ruler are not addicted to power, and ruler must be open and positive response to each control and sharp criticims from the public, do not be paranoid.



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