June 16, 2011

Sexual Behavior

Patterns of sexual behavior in the past will surprise the teens in the event among their peers and friends will cause a sense of guilt and shame, is now considered right and normal or at least allowed. Even sexual intercourse outside marriage is considered correct if the people involved love each other and are related to one another. intercourse that accompanied the more affection received from the making out just off appetite. In the first, adolescent girls who engage in sexual intercourse free, never has sex, not appreciated by the community even though the women men are ever popular as a dating partner than those who refused to perform sexual acts. Now teenage males believe that virginity is not a significant problem in the marriage, even if they are less appreciative of the girls who frequent dressing changes are extremely lemah.Jadi pasangandan double standards gradually turned into a single standard that applies to both men and women. Teenagers today think that the expression of love, whatever its form, is good as far as the two teenage couples mutually attracted to each other. On the other, hand if sex is only because other people do too, without being accompanied in love or just a way for a girl to get a date in social events or for fun, the teenagers think this act is wrong, is also considered wrong if men force women having sex outside of marriage to his will or when women use sex as a way to force men to marry her.


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