June 25, 2011


Always proved as in reminding the Prophet Muhammad Saw, that the destruction in any country in the world and in various fields of human life, it will definitely happen if the authorities wasted mandate. Thus, should the problem not getting the attention of certain people, but all walks of life. There needs to be the courage of all parties to help straighten the road which is and will be in the travel authority. But here's the most in fear of man. Some people in power fear losing office, when trying to straighten out a higher authority from him, As a result many people who choose to seek safe, silent way. Or if you want to remain in power had to be a part of power despite being the wrong way. Yet the compulsion will eventually become commonplace. It is no longer hard to accept injustice or a deviation in the performed in front of the eye. In fact, at the time the heart will feel it is important to join in the crime. Without the awareness, the person is to sow the seeds of hatred on the part of the persecuted. While no longer able to resist the power, there was a rebellion which had been done by people who are suffering and oppressed. Though the subject matter is actually afraid to tell the truth to authority.


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