August 07, 2011

Aspiring Leaders

Prospective Leaders who will we choose to lead, lead us towards the gates of a new or potential leaders also everything is in us each, in your's all up to you, no one forced. An urgent necessity if you specify one of the candidates, then your choices will be 'tarnished'. The process that began with a stain will produce a stain anyway. Each candidate we choose as leaders claimed to have a potent recipe for welfare of the people, raise the dignity of the nation, creating justice, as well as combating corruption. Everything is still a promise, still just "if", "if", "is like" and so on, we are crammed with a variety of looks and style show of themselves. On television, newspapers, magazines, radio and in the streets. Portrait that put a smile, flaunt, off the promise, expect support, meet the brain in the middle of the growing difficulty of living whack.It is appropriate that we from now on to choose leaders who are not much good to sell a good story, but choose a leader who is out of our own hearts to vote for him as a leader and not hear the words of people who expressed the people's voice is the voice of God, because the mass riot always close to the madness! "We certainly do not want to be called crazy for taking care of tick noise, and regard it as 'the word' God.


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